Make time for things you love 

Too often I notice I’m having conversations that sound like this; 

“Oh I used to love doing X”

“I love X but I haven’t done it in years”

“I really miss X” 

“I wish I could get back into X” 

sense the theme here, right?!

“X” is of course a hobby, passion or pastime that has been lost in the wash of ~life getting in the way~.

So here I ask you; 

When was the last time you did something you really LOVE?

Something that makes your heart feel full, gives you renewed energy or makes you wish you could do it again ASAP?

My “X” is horse riding, horses were my life until I moved to London in 2009 (age 23).

When I say “my life” I’m not exaggerating. All my spare time and absolutely any money I could earn went to my horses. 

My love was horses in any shape or form. My passion was Showjumping. 

Lara Lain larasstory blog

Malcolm – my beloved horse I sold to travel 🦄

While horses aren’t something that I can make the most of (regularly) while living in Sydney there are other joys that fell off my radar.

I used to live with my friend and her dog (Best Face as I like to call him).

Recently I realised how much I missed seeing him every day.

So now we’ve arranged I’ll take him out on Monday’s after work. YAYYYYYY! 🙌🏻

Only you know what you really love, what makes your heart sing?

We are so lucky to have access to pretty much anything you can think of and the opportunities around you really are endless to live your happiest life.

I’m going to go on a long weekend away to The Hunter Valley to go riding this year. 

The “I miss horses!” pull is getting worse as time goes on – I can’t wait to get back in the saddle! It will undoubtedly be one of the best experiences of my life! 

No matter what it is, if there’s something missing in your jigsaw; go out and get it!

Thank you for reading ☺️


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