Psychic readings, loving your body & starting a ”Meet Up”

This morning I went for my 7th run in 8 days.

After starting back last Monday I’m buzzing to share I’m fully back into my morning routine (whereby I go to bed the night before looking forward to getting up with the sun for a run!).

Before last week I hadn’t run in 4 weeks.

If you give yourself a little love and a little dedication it makes ALL the difference!

No matter how fit/ unfit you are right now you can always do more – your results will show quickly. Believe me!

Lara Alain

Looking fitter in just one week back to it!

Lara Alain

Last weekend Vs. This weekend


This week (on Wednesday @ 6.30pm in the City) I’m hosting a little Meet Up group.

I’m inviting friends (and anyone they would like to bring, more the merrier) to get together for an hour or so to talk;

Life hacks, tips for making work a better day, how to deal with living away from loved ones, fitness advice, relationships and beyond – any and all subjects are on the table.

I’ll ask each guest to bring 3 questions/ topics to talk about and we’ll go from there.

However; if you want to come along and just listen rather than get involved in the chat that’s great too!

I’m hoping everyone will enjoy it, we will all inspire each other in some way and we can plan another one soon!

Message me if you want to come!


I had my cards read on Saturday – it wasn’t pre-planned (so I wasn’t going in search of anything in particular).

It gave me clarity on a few things that have been hanging over my head and gave my confidence in following my instinct on what I want to do going forward across this year.

This is the 5th time in my life I’ve had a reading – every one has been completely different.

In the past they’ve unveiled some amazing (life changing!) things that have come true soon afterward.

I’ve also had some spiritual experiences at the time of the actual reading. This one felt more of a guidance on staying on the right path.

I fully recommend readings if it interests you, go for it!

You never know what you might find out about yourself, your loved ones and your future.


I did nothing but clean my house, go shopping and running on Straya Day. It felt weird and I felt silly (and very off form!) for not organising a big celebration – next year I’ll remember to sort something out in good time!

The rest of the weekend was sun filled and just plain GOOD!

I felt I had a renewed energy after my reading and really felt like it was a great typically-Australian weekend.

Dogs, walks, running, good food, plenty of sun and good company – how it should be!

🦈 The Shark Alarm went off in Manly yesterday – I looked for a fin all day! One day I’ll see one – it’s one of my main goals in life (yes really!) and hopefully if I stay here long enough it will come true  🙏


I am reading 3 books at the moment as I haven’t finished one yet! My latest is called The Art of Gratitude by Meredith Gaston.

If you want some guidance on appreciating your life more and really working on living to the full; I 110% recommend this one.

It’s such a pretty book too with lovely illustrations and bits to fill out as you go – check it out!

If you are grateful in every situation you are living your best life.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!




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