Smashing “impossible” targets and winning at life 

Yesterday (in perfect timing considering yesterday’s post about success!) I smashed a target in work that had never before been hit in the history of the business 🙌🏻

It was a great feeling to see the figures in black and white after 6 months of relentless hard work.

No one (but you) knows how much work you put in behind the scenes in your own time or how much you’re doing above and beyond what others in your position might do.

I wanted to share this achievemen as it’s a testament to the fact that hard work and determination can (and will!) get you where you need to be.

Once you’ve earned your stripes you need to remember what you’ve achieved, be proud (PROUD AF!) and keep going onto bigger and greater success!

Never forget when you’ve done something exceptional. When you’ve got your results in hand that feeling is yours forever 💫

As my Mum used to say about my Masters Degree “No one can take that away from you”.

IN OTHER NEWS; Day 3 of ~back to training~ came complete with some serious leg aches today! Being back to it is evidently starting to have an effect on my body. YAY!

Some sunrise this morning! Enjoy the pics 😊

Thanks for reading!


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