What does success look like?

This morning I ran run 2/2 of 2018.

As a (self titled) “runner”, I haven’t been doing much running so far this year, right?!

So now I’m ~officially back~ in my sunrise run flow I’m thinking about my goals.

I’ll be running the Sydney Half Marathon on 20 May, so my main goal right now is to keep my fitness levels consistent; I know full well that running 4/5 times a week is me living in my “best state”.

I’ll then build a proper training program into my time in the 6 (or so) weeks before.

What does success look like (and how can you measure it?)

Whenever I start a new project in work, no matter how big or small it may be, I ask myself that very question;

What does success look like?

What can I do to ensure I push the task in hand positively in the right direction?

What has worked/ what hasn’t in the past?

What can I learn to use to my advantage to make “success” a key word as I work?

This strategic way of thinking can be applied to many parts of your life.

… A lot of it (you will find) comes down to keeping things veryyyyy simple;

  • Want to get fit? Start exercising regularly 
  • Want to exceed targets? Test, test, test until you find a formula that works
  • Want strong friendships? Go out of your way to keep in touch 
  • Want respect? Lead by example 
  • Want love? Give it 
  • Want to evolve? Read 
  • Want to give up smoking / drinking (both)? Commit yourself fully to saying NO
  • Want more money? Earn it

The list of our “wants” is endless but you see what I’m saying here.

Thinking of your end goal and making simple, consistent, steps to get there will give you a greater chance of realising your goals (faster!).

This morning as I getting ready for work (post run) I noticed my bin (full of Dairy Milk) wrappers from last week – success is not having a chocolate bar before bed! 

Success is getting up, seizing your day and getting set to grafting on whatever your personal goals may be.

Don’t lose sight of your bigger picture – keep your eyes on what you want. 

With sheer determination and drive you will get your just rewards.

Thanks for reading!



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