22nd Jan = My first run of 2018!

This morning (as promised on yesterday’s post) I got up with sunrise and went for a run.

My body felt minging to put it bluntly! 

I was definitely hoisting more junk in my trunk than last time I ran back before Christmas!

Now I’ve run today, that’ll be me set back into my morning routine. HURRAH!

So I’ll be back to a good level of fitness within 2 weeks.

But if I hadn’t left it so long after the holidays I’d be at peak fitness NOW!

That time is lost, the lack of fitness has crept up on me and now I’m working harder to get back to where I should be; sharp, light and fast on my feet.

Lesson; Don’t let your good habits slip. There is no time like the present to be fit and stay fit – use it or lose it! 

I’m so glad I got up today and look forward to tomorrow morning already. 

Have a great day! 



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