21 days into January – Confessions of a lazy bum


I can’t believe we have just 10 days left of January!

I am writing this with a very lazy head, after spending all weekend on the beach I feel ”worn out”.

How one can feel ”tired” after basically sleeping all weekend is anyone’s guess but it’s clearly a case of; be lazy, feel more lazy!

The weather has been glorious, a true ”Sydney summer” weekend. As much as I’ve loved lounging around, reading, eating, tanning and fully kicking back I’m going to bed tonight looking forward to getting up for a much needed pre-work-run tomorrow.

Being away in Singapore and the Philippines I was away from my routine and let my active lifestyle take a back seat but that show needs to be over!

Last Monday I said I would get up and run and I didn’t – if I fail tomorrow (I won’t), it will be a huge sign of UH OH.

If you’re used to keeping fit/ have a routine that you know works it’s so important to keep it going.

This is the longest I haven’t trained since I can remember and I evidently pushed it a week too long – I should have got back into it the couple of days after landing back from the Philippines.

But I didn’t because ”tired” / ”getting back into work routine” and now look, I’m lazy and feeling unfit as!

Lesson; Don’t overdo the holidays / keep up with what you know is good for you …


Tamarama is know as ”Glamarama” as pretty much everyone on the beach is a beautiful being.

These last two days certainly lived up to that nickname. A girl who looked similar to Gigi Hadid (see last pics below) had a photoshoot there on Saturday.

Love yourself; We can’t all look like Gigi but we can all make the best of what we have.


Work has been CRAZY since I got back to my desk 10 days ago.

I worked whenever I could while in the Philippines and also pushed a few late nights (usually when my family were in bed) over the Christmas period … So I came back feeling confident everything was in place and ready for a strong start to 2018.

And while I’m not wrong on that count (marketing results are trending positively off the charts!) it’s been full steam ahead with no moment to catch a breath.

This week I’m going to work on ensuring things start to settle into a calmer, proactive (goal smashing!) pattern as I look ahead at my wider 2018 objectives.

Shout out; I’m looking for a Digital whizz to join my team. Read the full job description here and be sure to let me know if you are keen/ know anyone who may fit the bill.

I pride myself on being a great Manager – I give my team as much support and encouragement as possible all day, every day.

I want them to feel empowered to be their best and to learn from me; safe in the knowledge I am giving them as much training (and opportunities to really make a difference!) as possible.

I always wish for my team to love coming to work – please send any likely candidates my way!


I’m nearly finished with Liar’s Poker and am also reading a huge Psychology book, which is used in A Level studies back home in the UK.

I am reading every day and will keep going. It feels so good to be back in the habit of reading regularly.

Hope your 2018 has kicked off positively – if not, don’t give yourself a hard time … you still have another 11 months (and 10 days) ahead to make 2018 one of the best years of your life!

Thanks for reading


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