iPhone X review 

Lara Lain Jan 2018 Bronte BeachOk, admittedly I’ve only had my new iPhone X in my hands for the last 5 hours or so (and don’t know my way around it yet!).

… I wanted to share a quick review incase you were thinking about getting one.

In truth; I have lost so many phones over the years (none of which I am proud of!) so I’ve been living at the point where I “don’t really care” about a phone because I’m used to always having access to one.

That sounds (and is!) quite awful, but it’s true. 

I’ve been on a contract for years so I’ve been in a fortunate position in that – if I do want one I can usually get it in an upgrade if I wait/ pay a bit extra.

So when the iPhone X came out I didn’t bat an eye lid. 

It didn’t cross my mind once.

Another iPhone brought out?! 

How could this possibly be anything new on the last?!

That was until Friday gone; my friend was next to me at a bar in Sydney CBD. 

He took a candid pic of his mate. It was a WOW! shot, it looked incredible! Like a professional portrait.

As the iPhone X is quite small (same size as a 6 I think?) I didn’t realise he was holding the mighty X model in his hand.

On lunch today I popped into Telstra to see if they could fix the cracked screen of my 6S (which I had dropped a few months ago when it was still pretty new!).

Long(er) story short; I was able to get an upgrade for a $190 fee and up my monthly bill by $40 a month on top. 

Check out the few pics below that I’ve taken today – I took no time at all to set these up. 

The light was not good in any of them … yet, as you can see the quality is unreal!!

The “portrait” option for selfies has offically changed the selfie game forever!

I stopped using filters around the time I stopped drinking (November) and now it seems ol’ Apple has brought out a phone that doesn’t require a filter anyway = my perfect companion.

Natural and detailed and YAY AF!

Thinking about getting one? Do it. 

Got a chance of an upgrade? Do it.

I’m sure I’ll find many more things to love about this handset but one extra icing on the cake for now is; they’ve changed the bloody FaceTime ring! It’s not as horrendous anymore! HURRAH!

Oh and be prepared to lose your home button forever! It’s weird but as with all things techy, we adapt pretty quick!

You can read some expert opinions here.

Thanks for reading – enjoy your iPhone X if you get one!



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