10 weeks drink free & losing that thing you hate about youย 

Today 3 of my colleagues, 2 of my suppliers (agencies that I work with) and 1 friend told me they had been inspired by my effort to give up drinking; to take it easier on themselves.

That’s 6 people in one day and (amazingly!) prior to today there’s been many more. 

I am so pleased to hear you opening up and sharing you’re on a care-kick too!

What we’re doing here is putting ourselves first.

I honestly believe; if there is one thing in your life you have thought about changing before, now is your time to do it.

If you’re reading this post it is for a reason. 

I hope you’ve been led to read it for a reason that will help you live a healthier, happier, a better life.

Work Christmas party

In December I was mocked for not drinking and told I was “boring”. 

This “joke” went straight over my head as I mentally checked out of the conversation and made my excuses to leave. 

Don’t be afraid of people who take the piss. 

You are made of a different mould.

My confidence is through the roof – not with arrogance in any way, shape or form – but with being self assured.

To take your health into your own hands and really, once and for all, start treating your body with (long overdue!) respect is a HUGE DEAL. 

Something you should be proud of and something people who care about you should applaud.

If people do not see what you’re trying to do you know what to do; cut them out – raise your standards to people on your level.

To the people who are coming to me sharing their story; Thank You – you’re making me feel inspired to keep writing and sharing this journey honestly and openly.

Today, jet lagged but happy

Last night I returned from the epic trip with work to The Philippines. 

I came back full of zest for life and heartfelt appreciation.

I also came back seeing food and alcohol (in some ways) as a means to excess.

If you had seen the families of the Greg Secker Foundation Village face to face, eye to eye like I did you would understand what I mean by seeing things as an “excess”.

These wonderful people live with very little, they get by with what they have. 

People making the best of life

Can I imagine them sinking bottle upon bottle on a night out and getting up to goodness knows what was available to them at a party? 

This girl was 17, she lives full time in the village and her clothes are hand downs from her Mum

There is no option for excess.

I’m giving you an example of how they live to give some perspective on how you may be living;

  1. Do you need to eat so much so you are overweight? 
  2. Do you need to smoke when it’s so unnatural for your body?
  3. Do you need to get f**ked up on a night out when you really could just do what you say and “go for one or two?”
  4. Do you need to sleep so much and miss half a day of your life on the weekend?

I used to (often) live; a life of excess. 

Excess everything; drink, men, money and beyond.

Not so much food but I’ve definitely gone through periods of “eating all day” countless times.

It just doesn’t have to be like that; give your need for excess in life to another way .. excess positivity, vision, drive and love.

Taking drinking out of my equation has left me humbled and grateful for what I have and what lies ahead with a sober mind and (hopefully) a healthy body.

If you’re making a change for a healthier you (by cutting out / or simply cutting back anything that you knew was an issue for you) you are doing a GREAT thing.

Anything I can do, you can do better right?!

Here’s to chasing what you REALLY want; what your body and mind is craving for! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป



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