Introducing the Greg Secker Foundation


Since starting my #50BookChallenge a week ago I have traveled from Singapore to the Philippines, staying in Manila, Iloilo and lastly the paradise island of Boracay.

I have been on a (work) trip of a lifetime, getting involved in the Build A House, Build a Home project with the Greg Secker Foundation (#GSF).

I am currently sat on my balcony outside my room overlooking the bay of the Shangri La Boracay hotel. It’s 845am, I leave here at 3pm today … I will travel back to Manila for one more night then home to Sydney tomorrow.

This whole experience has given me a new outlook on life; we spent two days at the village, giving away 100 new homes to families (583 people) who were effected by Typhoon Yolanda in 2013.


Getting involved with the Foundation

I will be writing a full post on what happened, what it means to the people of the Village for going forward and what I plan to do to contribute to the Foundation to do my best to really make a difference.

I am really excited about getting involved with helping and hope to raise awareness around the Globe – essentially I wish to get more people (just like you) involved too.

My plans will include the Sydney Half Marathon in May, collecting books from around the world (I want to create a Library of Love!) and collecting clothing from my friends, family and readers. I usually take my clothes to local charities but from now on I will send them to the Village.

Please don’t chuck anything out and start looking in your home for things you don’t need, next week I will post about how we can make this all happen. Wherever you may be in the world I am POSITIVE YOU CAN HELP.

This week; I have read every day! I am disappointed to share that I have not finished my first book for my #50BookChallenge.

I have been on the go, traveling, working, spending time with our team and passing out late each night BUT I have read every day and will make up for this by ensuring I have finished my second book by the end of next Monday.

My little sister has read 2 books already this year – so I need to catch up! My heart is in the challenge but I had to give this trip 110% so it’s (kinda!) ok I haven’t quite finished Liar’s Poker just yet!

Looking forward to sharing more details about the trip with you. Hope you have had a positive start to the New Year!



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