Must do; ”Chinatown” Singapore 

img_4632-1After yesterday’s great dip into Little India, I was keen to adventure again today!

Chinatown made perfect sense ..

Would there be more culture? More food? More bargain shopping to be had?

This red delight was the first shop we went in to. It was full of traditional Chinese wares for as little as a couple of dollars – there were some lovely bargains to be had!

And there goes my first ever shared *selfie stick* shot! … Santa treated me to one and now I’ve used it I don’t know how I lasted all these years without one!

I spend a lot of time on my own and now with the aid of my trusty (red!) selfie stick I’ll be able to get better shots!

Mum said ”you won’t go running with it though will you?”. Let’s be honest – I most likely will!

Watch this space though – it takes a bit of getting used to!

Pagoda Street


Welcome to China indeed! We scouted shops in the blistering heat and found that there was pretty much something for us all at every stop!.

From homeware to Chinese fashion, to fresh fruit drinks, street food and lots of lucky charms – you can definitely pick up various keepsakes to treasure/ to gift.

Chinatown Heritage Centre

We didn’t do any prior reading before today, as we knew where Chinatown was (just off New Bridge Street), so we followed our noses to see what we could find.

We stumbled upon the Chinatown Heritage Centre – I went in thinking it would be a ”normal” museum full of artefacts but it was actually three floors of a time warp!

We were given audio kits on entry and followed through the rooms learning about the many people who lived in this very building years ago.

From a clog maker, to a physician and a room of four women who had sworn celibacy – the building was full of old souls gone by.

Up to eight people lived in one room, there were 5/6 rooms on one floor and everyone shared one kitchen.

It was a really interesting way to gain an understanding of how far Singapore has developed in such a short time – Singapore was founded in 1959 … that’s just 59 years ago! My Nan is older than Singapore!

Singapore has gone from being just discovered, with people living on top of each other in these conditions – making the best of what they had – to being the richest country in the world in just 59 years.

What a fast-moving transformation!

There are four temples dotted around Chinatown – we checked out just one (end of Pagoda Street) as we didn’t have lots of time.

It was being cleaned inside, we felt like it was being prepared for a celebration (possibly New Year?). The figures on the roof were beautiful.

Next time we will check out the remaining three!

Chinatown was really cool!

It was busier and had more to see than Little India, being deeper into the heart of the city, I imagine it is always busier than Little India so therefore the atmosphere is more ”touristy”.

Surprise, surprise – I loved it! 110% recommend checking it out if you get the chance.



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