Must do; ”Little India” Singapore 

Today I spent a couple of curious hours checking out ”Little India” with my family. As we left our usual highway route into the city and turned onto Serangoon Road it immediately felt like we really were in a whole other world.

To date I have only flown through India once, I am yet to visit the country itself. Today I felt like I was experiencing a tiny taste of the real deal!

Singapore is packed full with designer boutiques, whereas in Little India you forget you are standing in the richest city in the world.

The whole main hub (Serangoon Road) is lined with store upon store of Indian inspired goods and crafts, featuring lots of traditional clothing and decorative elephant homeware.

Think Henna tattoos, stacks of Indian jewellery (especially gold) and fruit sellers (lots of green bananas hanging at head height).

The entire street smelled amazingggg from the moment we stepped out of the car. I expected food to be at every corner and was surprised at how few foodie stops there actually were – general stores outweighed food options.

We did pretty good though! … We stopped at Khansama Tandoori for Naan Bread to eat on the way home. It was meltinyourmouth, divine! So good, we will be ordering a takeaway from there before I leave on Wednesday!


We were delighted to visit the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple – it is proudly one of Singapore’s oldest Hindu temples.

It reminded me of temples I had visited in Thailand (back in 2014) but on a much smaller scale. It only took us a few minutes to circle.

The temple felt scared and full of respect.

The God on the wall (below) isn’t in your view as you walk through the main doors, so turning the corner to see her was a beautiful sight!

img_4614Walking around Little India gave me a renewed sense of wanting to travel more again.

It brought back so many feelings and memories of my days traveling South East Asia with just my backpack.

It is so easy to spend pretty much my whole life in Sydney but it’s often when you leave somewhere you are reminded that there is so much more to see than where you call home!

In saying that, I also had to remind myself that I was ”traveling right now” and to be super-grateful for where I was.

I truly enjoyed my first trip to Little India and 110% recommend it if you ever get the chance!



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