Must do; Singapore Zoo 

I haven’t been to a zoo in years (Taronga Zoo, Sydney is on my hit list when my family come to visit!) … 

Today I went to Singapore Zoo with my family, we were all excited. I was particularly looking forward to seeing what my tiny sister would make of it all.

It was a long hot day, full of majestic delights on four legs and beyond … 


  • So, so green! It’s known as a “tropical rainforest” Zoo and it certainly feels that way!
  • Huge open spaces that really made you feel you were “in the animal kingdom” (as opposed to entering with a ticket through a gate out front!)
  • Wild animals being wild – Lemurs on the footpaths, Orangutans overhead … many of the animals roamed relatively free
  • Variety; everything from turtles from Vietnam (one of my faves!) to zebras and wild cats. There was so much to see.


  • The Elephant show was great – they are so willing and clever. But on the other side of the coin it is essentially “elephants doing tricks” – this can be a hard fact to stomach but from what I could see they looked happy and loved. They also provide great opportunities for children to learn. 
  • The Polar Bear looked tired and weary. The fact he was living in baking hot weather didn’t feel right at all – but saying that, it may have been cold in his enclosure (I couldn’t tell from outside) … I had to look at him and be glad he was still on this planet, at 70 years old he was still being fed regularly, cared for and again providing education for children
  • The Cheetah pen looked small, so did the Lion’s den but I’m assuming they were deemed legally big enough  or they wouldn’t be there at all.


  • We saw an Orangutan being walked in at the end of the day. It was carrying a baby under its belly and put his hand up to hold the hand of his keeper. 

It was so cute, a really touching moment and I think it perfectly summed up the day we had seen; wild animals being looked after by humans and appearing to be quite content with that fact. 

That was the sense I got from Singapore Zoo – the animals are obviously well cared for and (from what I could see) looked healthy and well fed.

It didn’t feel “like a Zoo”, it felt like an experience

What a day!

If you ever get the chance to go yourself, please do – I’m sure you will have lots of magic moments and you will learn so much on you way around too.

It’s a huge complex with a lot of walking (in the stifling heat!) so wear comfy shoes  and clothes (plus a cap!) to keep the Singers sun at bay.

We spent around 4 hours and still didn’t see it all – if you go, make a day of it and don’t miss a thing!



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