My first sober Boxing Day

Boxing Day sober?!

All those (adult) years leading up to now – the very thought of a “sober Christmas and no drinking on Boxing Day either!” was ludicrous.

Indeed, the thought was so far from my mind it never occurred to me to do it until I decided to stop drinking in November.

Boxing Day 2017 … 

Alcohol units consumed; 0

Hours of fun and family time clocked up; All day until 1130pm

Drunk texts sent; 0

Drunk calls made; 0

Boys chased; 0

Regrets; 0

Money blown; N/A

Smiles shared; Many

Filters needed for photos; 0 #becausehealthyglow 

As the facts clearly show; my first sober Boxing Day has been a joy. 

Mum, my little sisters and I visited the (very grand!) Fullerton Hotel, Singapore for brunch.

We then came home and jumped in the pool for our “Boxing Day swim” (no freezing cold West Wales beach in sight!).

Then we walked the dogs, admiring all of the architectural masterpieces on our block – the houses in Singapore are really impressive!

And finally we chilled with Christmas films;

Four Christmases = recommended! πŸ™‚

Deck the Halls = not so much :/

One of the best things about not drinking today has been appreciating everything for what it truly is. 

No frills, no big hype, no over-emotional frame of mind, no being too full on and extra Lara Lain … it’s just been easy, calm and lovely.

Family time has been REAL quality time (they’re all in bed as I type this – no time was wasted today).

I know I’m recording things here but I’m finding the longer I am going without drinking; the less I am thinking about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still at the stage where I think about it every day but it’s definitely becoming less of a thing.

It’s slowly starting to be “something I used to do”, a chapter of a previous me.

Like breaking up with someone shit – it takes time right? Eventually you never think of them hardly at all!

Hope you’ve had a great Boxing Day, celebrating your way ☺️



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  1. Mum
    December 31, 2017 / 2:18 am

    Fab pictures we ve had a lovely time x

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