🎄Christmas Day; From Sydney to Singapore (via Thailand) ☀️

Christmas Day has been a different world to everything I ever knew over the last three years.

Age 28 – 31 I lived with the mindset of a backpacker, moving around as and when with a big focus on finding fun (at as low a cost as possible!) across 2014, 2015 and 2016.

As I type from my family-home bed in Singapore, I wanted to nod back to days gone by I’ll treasure forever.

2014 – Sydney, Australia


My first Christmas away from home, the first taste of the ”Bondi dream”.

I shared a house with 19 friends over the holidays. We lived in a row of four houses (in Bondi Junction) which all joined at the back … this meant a garden of 40+ housemates having parties every night for weeks on end.

It was bonkers, mayhem.

We look back and laugh now and wonder how we survived! At the time it was so much fun, as a group I think it’s fair to say we felt invincible.

Ever thought about a big house share? Do it! You will make friends and memories for life.

2015 – Koh Phi Phi, Thailand 



Peak season Thailand for Christmas Day will always be remembered as one of excessive laughter, copious amounts of alcohol and the forging of a friendship I have for life.

Bambie (next to me, second from left) and I thought it would be great fun to crash the Princess Pool Party!.

Expecting everyone else to be as excited as we were we sprinted across the beach, jumped in the pool in our undies, did some mega splashing, shouted a lot, jumped around hand in hand some more (then realised everyone was taking it pretty easy poolside! We made a pretty swift exit!).

My Phi Phi Christmas period is a blur of fun people and laughter at every turn.

Christmas in Thailand sound good? If you’re down to party you should seriously consider going for it. Christmas in High Season = a sight seen to be believed! Go all guns blazing, check into a hostel, get on a boat party and live for the moment!

2016 – Sydney, Australia


Last year (in Sydney) I had been to a pool party on the rooftop of the Ivy on Christmas Eve. This continued into the night and I ended up going home around 9am with a (slight but very real!) feeling of dread about the Christmas Day ahead – I was extremely fragile to say the least!

I went home and opened my presents on my own and remember it feeling really odd being on my own on Christmas morning. It felt very unnatural, I hastily left my apartment for the destination of they day … My friends rooftop. It was the ultimate setting for a true Sydney Christmas!

We drank bubbles and ate fish. It was boiling hot and the company was lovely. We had our real ”Sydney family” feels going on.

Find your travel family – they make the important days all the more easier and enjoyable, because you’re all on the same page.

2017 – Singapore 


I woke up this morning with a dead arm, to look down and see our dog (the big Golden Retriever bundle of love, Ernie) asleep on me. I gave him a huge hug. It was the best way to wake up!

My little sisters came in around 7am and then we got on with our magical day.

We have done all the normal things that I have missed over those last three years; the everyday-family stuff of just spending time together, sharing gifts, being grateful and enjoying lovely food.

I woke up this morning with what I can describe as a ”full heart”. I need to keep this feeling front of mind on a difficult day – it was very real and just lovely to feel that overwhelming feeling of love and ”normal”.

Wherever my feet have taken me, it’s these moments with loved ones that must be treasured wholeheartedly. Wherever you go, always be able to go home with open arms and a renewed sense of appreciation.

I hope your Christmas Day was everything you hoped for. Here’s to the rest of the wonderful holidays!


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