Bad men, good health and the importance of time

6 weeks sober

This Tuesday marks six weeks since I seriously decided to hang up my drinking boots.

While I don’t want my writing (or life!) to revolve around the fact I have given up drinking forever; I feel it is important I share these early stages of my new way of living as it may help others in the same boat.

The last six weeks have been a real eyeopener, as while I have ”given up drinking” before for stints to;

  • Save money
  • Recover from a crazyyyyy party time
  • Prepare for the Sydney Half Marathon

I have never given up with this mindset before.

The mindset of; it’s time I looked after myself every day.

You can put yourself first too.

The last six weeks have seen sober me;

  • Go clubbing ’til sunrise
  • Attend two booze-filled Christmas boat parties
  • Run most days
  • Take up swimming as a new hobby
  • Take up meditation in an attempt to find a better sense of ”inner peace”
  • Be more aware of what I am eating
  • Save alllll the money I would usually be blowing chasing a good time
  • Stop using filters on my photos – because I realised I want to be fully ~real~ in all areas of my life (yes, even in Instagram pics!)

When you make a life change you have to be fully committed or it’s never going to work.

I’ve noticed a few of my friends / links online are also taking a break from drinking, it’s really good to see – if you’re reading this and you’re on your own clean journey I am with you every step of the way!

What does success look like?

When you think of people you really admire, do they drink? The chances are; no they don’t!

J.Lo never drinks, nor does Beyonce, nor does Kim Kardashian, nor do Olympic Athletes, International footballers or people in power.

Think about the kind of lives those people live. The pressures, the need to feel confident, the winning mindset they need to be who they are etc – none of what they do is hidden behind a fake curtain of alcohol or drugs.

When you open your eyes to thinking about it, you realise; people rarely make it in life with a drink in their hand.


Be the example

I used to set an example of doing everything; working hard, partying hard, keeping fit, travelling the world, meeting many people on the way and always living life on my terms but there’s only so long I could live like that.

To work hard, party hard and keep fit all at the same time is a silly goal.

Going forward I want my example to be of; working hard, being a good human, being healthy, taking care of my wellbeing, living on my terms … but these being focused on self improvement, helping others and setting an example that will inspire (not make people say ”I can’t keep up” / ”I don’t know how you do it”, like I so often used to hear when I was living the ”do everything and never say no” lifestyle).

6 weeks in I have no regrets whatsoever. I am finding it easy and that shows me I did the right thing – me first.

I am so excited for my first sober christmas – I am going to fully remember every precious moment I get to spend with my family. I will be present for every single moment! And that is going to be some gift from me to me, YAY!.

Be the example you are wholeheartedly proud of.

Bad men

Recently, one of my dear friends got let down by a guy for what feels like the 100th time. It’s a story both she, I and many others (you too?) have been through before.

Hands up who has found out they are the ”Other Woman”?.

The only way to truly try and prevent yourself being hurt by someone who thinks living a double life is normal is to keep well away from them.

As soon as warning signs raise their ugly head it’s time to get out of there. Cut him out, suck it up; deal with the initial hurt then move on ASAP.

Sure, it’s embarrassing, full of pain, despair and disbelief but that hurt always subsides with time.

You have to be honest with yourself; a good guy will never use you as second fiddle.

The longer you spend on people who don’t deserve you – the longer you are preventing yourself from meeting a genuine soul.

Know your worth, raise your standards and rise above the mess you will leave behind with grace.

img_3768Coping with sudden illness

A couple of people very close to me have been unwell recently. It’s things that have crept up all of a sudden.

One minute I’m on the phone to them joking about stuff and catching up. Next minute they have been taken poorly.

It is frightening when people you love get ill, because we all think we are invincible don’t we?!

This kind of thing is another sterling reminder to take care of yourself when you are fit and well because life can be turned on it’s head in a moment.

If you don’t feel well get to the doctors ASAP and do everything possible to recover quickly. Don’t ignore warning signs – this is your body ringing alarm bells for you to take note of what it needs from you.

We have one body in which to live; we must listen to it and take action when it needs us most.

Time is precious

Last week I was so fortunate to finally meet one of my best friends parents (see super-cute pic below).

It’s been over three years since I met my friend, as we farmed in the Aussie outback. I’ve always wanted to meet his Mum and Dad … to bring such a fine man (legend of my life) into the world, I knew they would be special people!.

We had a lovely evening of good food, ice cream and catch ups. It felt like it went too quickly. Just before we left his Mum said ”Thank you for your time” to me and I said ”No, THANK YOU!”.

This sentiment rounds up each point of this post. Time is precious – take care of yourself, take care of your heart and take care of your health while you can.

Once you think about how you spend your time, you will inevitably start to make positive changes so you don’t waste more of it.

That’s what I’m doing and I encourage you to do the same!

Thank you for reading. Hope you have a great week ahead! It’s nearly Christmasssssssss!

I fly to Singapore Wednesday morning, for the first Christmas in four years with my family. I CANNOT WAIT TO GET ON THAT PLANE!




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