50 tips for dealing with STRESS 

As Christmas looms it’s beautiful head (Mariah Carey a go, go!!) it means deadlines are tighter than ever.

Working on a short month to close off the year, while simultaneously prepping for the next, sound familiar?

Millions of us around the globe are feeling these feels right now.

Stress doesn’t just come around once a year like Santa though hey? … It’s a real-life, daily issue.

Stress cannot be ignored.

As much as the pure excitement of the holidays is an amazing thought – the steps to actually getting there seem steep right?

Work to do, bags to pack, rooms to rent out, bills to pay, calories to count, people to see, places to go … your list is longer than you care to mention right?

Never Fear – Lara Lain is here!

Here’s my realistic, fun guide to getting you on the right track to reaching for a guilt free mince pie (and beyond!) …


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  1. Write a list
  2. Check it twice
  3. Get it done – don’t dilly-dally pissing around, the quicker you take action the quicker you can move on to the next task
  4. Think of every eventuality for what you are working towards. What’s the best and worst case scenario? Be ready for both
  5. As the saying goes “Fail to prepare; prepare to fail”, make life easier for yourself by ticking boxes off
  6. Give 110% during your working hours
  7. Work as a team, support your colleagues – it’s not all about you and your stress, think about others too!
  8. Do the quickest, easiest jobs first thing each day. Get them boxed off and then give your full attention to bigger issues
  9. Drink tea, lots of
  10. Be calm in the knowledge you’ve tried you’re best #everyday
  11. Check your emails back before you finish for the day (I check mine in date order and also by important-person to try and ensure I haven’t anything)
  12. Work from home to catch up if you know it is needed/ will make tomorrow an easier day
  13. Don’t take work pressures to heart – stay professional and get on with the task in hand
  14. You’re going to f**k up once in a while, take it on the chin DON’T DO IT AGAIN and learn from your mistake
  15. Don’t let mistakes add to your stress; see them as positives in the fact that you won’t let yourself learn the hard way twice!
  16. Look out the window once in a while … there is a glorious life beyond what appears to be caving in on you


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  1. Keep hydrated all day, every day
  2. Eat fruit in the morning
  3. Don’t skip lunch ever – how can you expect your wonderful body to serve you well if you’re not taking care to fuel it properly?
  4. Eat fruit in the afternoon
  5. Get fresh air every day, don’t just be a commute – work – commute – bed person
  6. Fruit, veg, water #repeat
  7. Sleep enough, you know what works for you – make it happen … without sleep your stress levels are at risk of going off the charts. Scary shit.


  1. Clean your home, it’s actually really good for stress. I spent 30 mins dusting my bookcase the other day, it felt good!
  2. Do something good for your home inbetween washing loads – it’s easy to sit on the sofa but that time could be your chance to get moving with the Hoover!
  3. Don’t let things get dusty or grubby – take pride in your home and it will always feel good to be there
  4. If you house share, be the person that always mucks in and helps others
  5. If you’re lucky enough to own a dog; enjoy that lucky thing!


  1. Make your weekend an actual weekend – what makes you feel GOOD? Do that
  2. Exercise on the weekend if you can’t manage it in the week – the feeling of working out when you know half the world is hangover / asleep is smugly satisfying
  3. Retail therapy is an actual thing (HOORAH!) – treat yourself to something nice on the reg (did somebody say payday?)
  4. Get a massage, it will give you LIFE.
  5. Get a mani/ pedi, do one at home if you can’t afford it at a salon
  6. Get your eyebrows done; my fortnightly ritual
  7. Get your hair done; bad roots = sign you need to take care of you!
  8. At least WASH your hair = Greasy Sue is uninvited
  9. Look yourself in the eye every time you see a mirror – it’s amazing/ scary how I can go through a day on ”work mode” without taking in who I am
  10. Smile at yourself in the mirror every morning; start positive!
  11. Say your goals for the day out loud in said mirror (or in the shower) to give yourself belief in what you will achieve in the next 24hrs
  12. Go dancing
  13. Have a drink or 3 – let loose
  14. Don’t party to excess; hangovers are the devil for a stressed mind #sayno #lookafteryou
  15. Phone a friend and put the world to rights
  16. Have a duvet day – make time for some serious sleeping!



  1. BE THERE. I can’t stress enough (pun intended;) how important it is to be fully present when with others – put the phone down, look people in the eye, be courteous and actually listen to what is being said to and around you
  2. When you start making a serious effort to be more aware #2 – you will be amazed at how much more open you will feel about life, try it! Be more aware!
  3. Don’t take your stress out on others around you, it’s not fair and you’ll only feel worse for it
  4. Enjoy the company of friends and family – a laugh a day keeps stress at bay!
  5. If you can’t do #4 in real life; never underestimate the power of Facetime, it has been my saviour so many times while living away from loved ones

STRESS is a mother f**ker and can lead to serious health and mental health issues.

(Believe me, I’ve been there – hands up who remembers my melt-down earlier this year?!) ..

Before something becomes a bigger issue take a deep breath or 10, try to laugh when you can and don’t forget the bigger picture.

There really is so much going on in the world besides what you’re losing sleep and not washing your hair over – chances are you are doing better than you think!

Be kind to you, keep cracking on and when the time comes to fully wind down, you can rest easy in the fact you have most definitely earned it!

Thank you for reading




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