Why I gave up drinking 

HOORAY! Summer is upon us! After Wednesday’s post I had a lie in the last couple of mornings (yep, haven’t run for a full week) and today woke up feeling refreshed and READY.

Much as I had the intention to get back to my morning runs I needed sleep.

So today is the first day of Summer in Straya! ☀️

I honestly don’t know where Spring went! The weather wasn’t great, it rained a lot and we had many “it’s cold, W T F is going on?!” days.

But on cue; today is glorious. YAY!

My summer ahead looks like this; 10 actual working days left in the office to make some serious Marketing magic happen to close off 2017 and look ahead fully prepared for 2018.

Work (Christmas) Boat party today and another one next Thursday.

Christmas party on the 19th.

Fly to Singapore on the 20th, YAY x A GAZILLION, I can’t wait to see my family and our dogs! Woooooo!

That’s just a few awesome things to look forward to and I do this all with a clear head and a new look on life.

The last few weeks I decided to give up drinking.

I broke out in spots this week, I honestly can’t remember the last time I had spots. Literally when I was a teenager, seriously.

Last night I read this brilliant article about dropping the bottle; it’s related to the toxins leaving my body – rank right?. The fact I’m spotty #becausealcohol makes me feel a bit sick.

I’m on a serious health kick and my mind and body feels stronger than it has since I can remember (physically I’m a little chubs for me right now but in general I feel positive and on the track I’m meant to be on).

I’m not making a big deal of this but I’m highlighting what I’m doing because if you’ve ever thought about giving up drinking (or your friends / family have ever hinted that you should tone down your lifestyle) it’s probably a GREAT idea to seriously consider it.

Think about it; why are you doing it? Do you need it? One body; one life.

I hit a point where the hangovers weren’t worth it. I literally couldn’t be assed with dealing with feeling slow physically and on edge in my mind.

I am a strong, super confident “I can do anything and talk to anyone in any situation” person.

I pride myself on knowing what I bring to the table in all areas of my life (and personality) but drink started to seriously hold me back.

I must stress; I was a “social” drinker (you wouldn’t find me drinking on my own or anything like that!) but when I say social I mean “life and soul of any party I could find, excessive units consumed every weekend without fail since as long ago as I can remember – no joke”.

Hangovers got boring. They got harder and harder. They took the fun away from the drinking fun.

Some days they made me hate myself – hold up ✋️ I’m not having that; I love myself!.

I’ve battled this issue for months, definitely over the last year as I’ve got older (I’m 32 after all!).

A few weeks ago after a very fun weekend with a friend then I thought “I’m done”.

It’s like something switched in my head.

I finally hit new ground and although I’m obviously conscious of my decision (because I’m proud and quite amazed at how easy it is to firmly say “NO THANKS – I’m not drinking today”) I’m not making a song and dance about it, I’m just going about my life differently.

So there we have it; this summer is the Summer of Love ❤️

Or loving myself, looking after my body for a change, reaping the benefits and living hangover free.

I’ve had sooooo much fun partying over the years, I wanna have different kinda parties now.

I don’t go to work drunk, I don’t go running drunk.

I don’t need to be drunk to chat to guys and sober sex comes easily to me. I don’t need any kinda “Dutch courage” in my life.

I don’t need drink sleep, I dance like nobody’s watching when I’m sober and my comedy value is on point when my mind is sharp.

I literally have no need for drink.

The summer of love is indeed here; the summer of loving life even more than ever because I’m 100% and doing things differently, better, healthier.

Mocktail life (last weekend in Perth) 👌😍

Soft drinks, juices and mocktails a Go,Go!

I honestly am so excited for what lies ahead.

Life is good!

If any of the above strikes a chord with you; have a serious think about how you are living!

You too might be better hangover free – IMAGINE who you could become ✨

Thank you for reading 😊



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