Fun is fun but routine is King

Perth was awesome, I spent four full days with my friend (Chantelle) and her family.

Beaches, laughs, play time with the kids. Full Perth post to come this week – we went to a few places I think you should check out too if you ever visit that beautiful part of the world. 

Today I want to write about time and routine … 

For some reason it felt like time went quicker than usual.

Four days absolutely flew by!

I can’t believe December is nearly upon us – since being away from the UK (this will be my 4th Christmas in the sun now – no complaints😁) I still find it strange to be getting sunburnt at this time of year.

Time flew but we made the most of it – I feel like we kept busy but also chilled when we could. 

We made every day count!

Last night I went for a swim after work with full intentions of getting up for a run this morning – didn’t happen, I felt shattered after flying back from Perth overnight and going straight to work yesterday.

Tomorrow I’ll run! After not going since last Thursday and eating an ungodly amount of everything all long-Perth weekend “because I’m on holiday” I feel like a little pie!.

My skin has had a breakout too – I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a spot, I don’t get them ever. 

But feeling like a little spaceship and having a teenage breakout is my body telling me to stop eating too much, keep hydrated and keep running!

I brought my running kit with me to Perth but didn’t go once, the intention was there but the execution was not – no point thinking about something if you’re not guna step up and take action right?

Of course now I’m back in Sydney (and “off holiday”) I’ll get back to my routine but it’ll be twice as hard to carry my body up those Bronte steps tomorrow I bet!
We all need to have F U N and to relax that’s for sure but routine is GOOD! 

Thanks for reading – have a great 24 hours ahead 😊



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