Perth – Chapter 4

Early hours of this morning I landed in Perth after an uncomfortable Tigerair flight. 

When the pilot pre-framed us saying we’d hit “turbulence around Adelaide” he wasn’t wrong!

I didn’t think we went anywhere near Adelaide on a flight from Sydney to Perth (?!) so I’m guessing he actually said somewhere else and I misheard him? 😂

Anyways – whenever we hit where he warned us about we most certainly DID hit turbulence!

What can you do though right?

You shake from side to side as it feels like your plane is in a tussle with the clouds, the engines make weird noises and it feels like you slow down – then the best (worst!) bit – it definitely felt like we dropped at one point 😵

I think I was too tired to give too much thought to safety / feeling sick like I often do if we hit a rough patch on a flight – I was more of the mind “What can you actually do though? Just get me there ASAP please…”.

Then we were through the flight continued without hitch.

Turbulence is just one of those things that you’re better off not thinking about too much. 

You really can’t do anything when you’re jumping hurdles at 36,000 ft!

It’s all forgotten once you land of course – I’m so glad to be in Perth!

FOUR FULL DAYS of friends and family time ❤️ 

I won’t be writing over the weekend – screen down time 110% needed! 
I’ll be back Monday with Perth details and photos of this beautiful part of the world.

Thank you for reading. Hope you’re enjoying my weekday posts.

Have a great weekend 😊



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