This is how you win at life

Last night I worked late to make up for the time away from my desk during Tuesday’s amazing Ghost 2 event.

I got home physically tired but mentally strong and full of energy. Knowing full well the extra hours had ticked many boxes was a good note to end the day on.

And while you never know what’s coming the next day, it sure as hell feels good to be as prepared as possible right?!

This morning; I woke up looking like a hedgehog just out of hibernation ➡️😗 and while I definitely felt a bit tired my energy was still super high!

I jogged down to the beach and went for my first ever (possibly in my life?!) pre-work swim. 

As you can guess – it felt awesome! 

It was the perfect way to set myself up for the day, the jog down was enough cardio to get my heart rate up and the pool temp was enough cold to shock me into full steam ahead mode!

Today’s plan; 

SMASH work as BEST I can. Do that “To Do List” with gusto! ✔️

Leave on time for the first Christmas party of the year, hosted by one of the agencies I work closely with 🎅🏽 

Leave said party on time to fly to Perth at 10pm for a 4 day weekend! It’s that time again folks; time to fly across Australia to visit one of my best friends from home, Chantelle ☺️ 

Can’t wait to see her, her lovely little family (my 3 little mates;) and the glorious Perth sun!

Last time it was 50 degrees and we tried to fry an egg on my face – didn’t work 😂

I’m here writing this on the train with the biggest BUZZ in my tummy!

Today is guna be awesome right?

And we know how all this is happening – I’m making it happen.

Your days can be full of BUZZ too. Find what makes you feel good, do that, do it again.

Mix things up a bit with random trips and unplanned time spent with loved ones.

Oh yes – and always work hard so you know you’ve tried your best that day.

As my mum has always said (and I always say;) … “if you’ve tried your best it’s the best you can do”.

Thank you for reading – Have a great 24hrs ahead.

Tomorrow’s post will be coming from Perth paradise!



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