Working at sea – living in a new world 

Yesterday I spent the day aboard the Super Yacht, Ghost 2, for a fantastic Live Trading event in glorious sunny Sydney.

The yacht was INSANE as promised! It came complete with $1 million dollars worth of “premium teak” (wood!). Every cm of it was WOW 😍

As one delegate described it, it was “magnificent”.

I spent a fair bit of the day interviewing delegates (our Currency Trading students) and was so inspired by them all.

These people know exactly what they want outta life and they are fully on track / on the way to achieving what they set out to do.

In this I mean; most of them trade currency full time and many of the others are in the process of phasing out their other jobs to chase the freedom, wealth and all-round successful life trading brings.

If you are interested in giving up your day job and living a life you only dreamt possible – you know what to do!

Contact me for details on joining Learn to Trade for a free workshop to find out more (we operate globally!).

I can’t stress enough how important it is to enjoy your job – with any luck I hope you LOVE it.

You spend a ungodly amount of hours working a week right – if the money isn’t talking your language or the job itself doesn’t tick all your boxes for the future you want – you know what to do. Start looking and keep your options open.

Don’t drown in your job – find the air you need!

This could be through Trading! You honestly never know!

You really might find what you want in the most unlikely place – my Stepdad is a professional Trader but personally I always thought this “kind of thing” wasn’t on my radar – turns out my life is now fully immersed in it!

One of the greatest things I’ll take from yesterday ➡️ the passion for life our delegates and team have.

Keep your energy high – it is infectious!

I hope you like my new blog layout – this post started in a different way but for some reason it didn’t save properly and in the interests of time (I have to complete this on route to work or I can’t do it at all all day) I’m posting as is and I’ll pick up my other thought another day 😁

Point of this post; yesterday was UNREAL. I am worn out today (no morning run this morning!) but I am GRATEFUL and today I’ll be working my ass off to make up for the time I was away from my desk.

Ghost 2! You beauty! Thank you life!

Thank you for reading – have a great 24hrs.




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