The more you do, the more you become 

Ok! I’m about to board my second train to work (I had already written this post once and my pesky blog decided not to save it!)

So here goes a second (very quickly written, pressure is on, go, go, go!) attempt at today’s post;

The more you do, the more you become.
Last night I went swimming for the first time after work, as per yesterday’s post – you’d think I was the first person to ever discover a swimming pool!

As the photo above shows of said evening dip – swimming is clearly good for me.

I look FRESH and HAPPY (when in fact it was around 730pm and I had a crazy day behind me). 

I’m sure I wouldn’t have quite the same ✨glow✨ if I was at home on the sofa stuffing my chops right. 


Last night I went to bed late but even with 6 hours sleep (I like 7 – 8 thank you please!), I woke up ready to RUN.

Those two hills above are actually ONE mo’fo’ing LONG STEEP hill, up from the cliffs through beautiful Waverley Cemetery.

Yesterday I walked the “flat” (not flat at all) bit in the middle.

Today I thought “none of that walking nonsense, I don’t walk, I RUN!” and pelted the whole thing.

I sprinted the last bit as hard as I could and kept thinking “the faster and harder I run, the better my body is goung to feel and look”.

This is my “Rocky at the top of the steps” moment after my brilliant sunrise run.

There is no way you’re going to let every day obstacles get in your way when you feel the HIGH HIGHS of nailing a workout first thing.

Do more ➡️ Be more.

I am super excited to share I have an INSANE day at work ahead. I’ll be blogging about it in tomorrow morning’s post but in the meantime I’ll be sharing stories on ➡️ my Instagram @LaraLain ➡️ join me!

WOOHOO! Let’s goooooo!

Thank you for reading! Have a great 24hrs ahead.


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