Take it easy – but still take it 

Lara Lain Bronte

Last night, before bed looking like I’m up to something!


This morning I woke up and felt (a bit) worn out for the first time this week.

After not having been in my regular (most mornings) running routine then getting back to it with gusto this week my little body was a bit “gimme a break yah?!”.

Rather than go back to sleep (which I deem a waste of time, and also nigh on impossible for me – once I’m up, I’m up!) … I went for a quiet jog down to the beach.

I took it easy, soaked up the beaut of a morning and walked home.

Fresh air ✔️

Heart rate up ✔️

At least 3 Golden Retrievers spotted on route ✔️

Sun on my face ✔️

Wind in my hair ✔️

Pushing my positive mental attitude #PMA for the day ahead ✔️

These were all simple, good things to put me on the right track for what I know will be a bonkers day ahead.

Point of today’s post; even if you genuinely can’t be assed it’s still a GREAT idea to actually GET OUT AND DO. Even 15 mins of fresh air will benefit you.

Also – if you’re a tad worn out (with me, I just have to look after myself and can only imagine what it’s like to have a family etc to consider too) it’s good to listen to your body.

Because – obviously; if you have a little “take it easy – but still take it” workout you’re guna be fresher next time.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my posts this week. I have written them all on the move from home in Bronte to work in North Sydney. Via bus and two train journeys.

I don’t know what I’ve written about now but I know with every post I’ve been pleased at the time and excited to share it and get on with trying my best to smash my day ahead.

Hope I’ve given you a bit of inspiration and motivation.

I’m at my best first thing in the morning and writing under pressure (I make sure these are written and shared across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too) before I step into work feels like it suits me, at the moment anyways!.

Write quickly, write genuinely:

As with all things in my life now – I haven’t got time to FUCK ABOUT! 

Thank you for reading! Thank you so much! Have a great 24hrs ahead 😁

*** No plans to write over the weekend – break from screen time required but I’ll be back next week – Hope you have a good one! ***




  1. Rod Mills
    November 17, 2017 / 10:20 am

    Hey Lara, good to see you got your writing mojo back! It all reads to me like you are in a good place at the moment – just don’t get too obsessed with stuff. You don’t have to write and run every day especially with a stressful job to do as well. Sure the fitness stuff is important but you hit the nail on the head today… listen to your body and take rest days – those are massively important in helping you on your way to peak Lara-ness!
    Take care,

    • November 17, 2017 / 8:46 pm

      Hey Rod! Thanks for reading! Gosh it’s a relief to be on the right track again – took some rough turns to get here but I’m really good and glad I can say that and mean it.
      I won’t be writing this weekend and will take it easy 😄 I’ll see how I go next week – just a little test to see how I went and make us of my travel time – it’s been a productive week and I’ve found it rewarding but see how I go. Hope you are well and making most of our Lucy being in the country – I was so lucky to see her in London 😀 Thanks for your support and advice – especially when I needed it! 😊

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