Keeping in touch makes all the difference 

I touched on this the other day – be the person who sends the message / makes the call / arranges a visit … 

This morning I woke up (530am for my sunrise run) to a message from an old school friend saying they had a baby on the way!

This friend was one of my closest during school, college, uni days.

We’ve been through a lot of fun (and some difficult times!) since we met about 20 years ago – that’s for sure!. 

We last spoke about a year ago (I remember because it was when I lived in a particular flat in Bondi – I’ve lived two places since then).

So it’s been a while! 

At that time we were both in party-mode with no real sense of where we were going next in life.

I was actually thinking about said person the other day but I didn’t reach out.

Their message was literally the best news to wake up to! 

We haven’t spoken in that long time or seen each “in real life” since the end of 2013 but we will always be dear friends.

As we all know – real friendships don’t change. No matter time, distance or what may happen in between – you’ll always have a bond.

Real friendships are invaluable.

So! The world will be welcoming a baby with awesome parents! Just such lovely news.

Be that person who gets in touch (you might not be having a baby;) but a simple catch up will most likely make someone’s day.

As if that wasn’t enough – another friend also messaged me; hoping to meet me over the Christmas/ New Year period in Singapore.

All yet to be discussed (and might not happen obvs) but my point is; it MIGHT and that was another reach out from a friend that made my day start in an awesome way. 

So I’ve got one ol’ buddy ol’ pal in the midst of the best time of their life and the other possibly flying across the whole world to see in what I KNOW is going to be an absolutely insane 2018 for all the right reasons.

Be that person! 

I know you’re reading this with someone in mind you haven’t spoken to in a while – when was the last time you phoned your Nan / Grandad / Aunt / Uncle / friend from the road you haven’t seen since the last time you were lost on a paradise island without a care in the world?

Be that person! Maybe not today but soon – make time on the weekend!

On another note; 4 days back into my good, healthy, I’m winning at life sunrise running routine and I’m already HUGELY feeling the benefits.

I’m already waking up before my alarm, fitness is starting to pick up, skin is glowing AF even more than usual, I’m super pumped for work and my energy is HIGH.

I’ve got the sparkle back! YAYAYYAYAYAYA!

What could you achieve in 4 days if you started now? And IMAGINE where you’d be in 4 weeks!

Whatcha waiting for?!

GO, GO, GO!! 

Thank you for reading – have a great 24 hrs ahead! Make it count! 



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