What is on your “imagine if I…” list and why the F**K aren’t you doing it? 

Lara Lain Bronte

Last night, Bronte chills

This morning I didn’t spring out of bed, I probably had about 4 mins (seriously precious amount of time in the morning!) more than yesterday then I was up and out ASAP.

As soon as I’d drunk my water and stretched I was ready to conquer my run.

The sunrise was beaut, with rays shining through the clouds (like they do on the films).

I ran to the same place as yesterday. The way out was easier than yesterday, because yesterday was my first go “back to it”.

As I left the cliffs and headed for home I knew that part would be harder – because the last bit up from the beach to home is both up steep hills and includes a load of steps (I’m guessing around 50 but I must count them tomorrow!).

So today as I ran I thought about something we discussed in work last week; “Success is simple things done daily”.

Routine is King! 

Imagine if you saved a bit of your wages each month since when you had started working (if you did or are currently doing this – seriously well done!).

Imagine if you got off your ass and worked out 4/5 times a week without fail for 3 months – where would you be in February 2018?

Imagine if you made the effort to call your friends and family once a week rather than waiting for them to call you – how much would you brighten their day?

I’m sure you have many “imagines” that you can think of right now.

And I’m sure you know that if you took action you’d be happier / healthier / more productive / a generally better human.

But we don’t always make things easy for ourselves do we?

We find excuses; tired / I’ll do it tomorrow / it’s not a priority right now / I’d rather binge of Narcos and cookies blah blah blah.

My “imagines” have always been;

#1 “Imagine if I didn’t go out so much – I’d be loaded” (when I say loaded, I mean in my own terms here of course – I’m no Connor McGregor)

#2 “Imagine if I wrote a bit every day – I’d have enough content for a book before long”

So while my #1 is happening naturally for me now as my social life takes a back seat – my #2 needs work, needs commitment, needs effort – needs me to really wanna actually DO IT.

That’s what I’m doing right here – I’m writing this now on the way to work. 

I’ve made a pact with myself to firstly write every day on the way to work for the rest of this month (12 more posts).

I’m over my own excuses – the fact my writing has fallen behind so many times over the years is because I haven’t committed to it. 

Nobody stopped me but me.

When you commit to something you can do GREAT things. 

GREAT to me is writing something that I feel is worth sharing, in a way that (hopefully) not also makes me feel good for having got my energy penned but also gives at least just ONE reader something to think about or act upon.

So here’s to seeing how the next 12 posts come out hey – if you’re with me on this I look forward to hearing your thoughts as we go.

Thought of the day; What is your “imagine”?

I’m 99.9% dead set you can name 2 or 3 without blinking – what are you waiting for?

Why the FUCK aren’t you doing what you really want to do?

Make what you secretly wish you did a REAL thing that you weave into your life.

There really is no time like the present and there really is nobody stopping you, but you.

Go for it – make it simple, make it routine – if anything; make it a part of your life for a short time as “test” and see how you go (then you know you have tried!).

Thanks for reding – have a great 24 hrs ahead!


Lara Lain Tamarama

This morning, cliff side


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