Debenhams vs. Bronte BBQ’s … The Holidays are coming!



Last night I watched the Debenhams You Shall Christmas advert thinking ”nobody does Christmas like home”.

Today I got sunkissed in Bondi.

Usually Sydney is hot from the first weekend of Spring (first weekend in October), but this year the chill in the air has been majorly dragging its heels.

Today however – everything really felt, and looked, like SUMMER.

Although technically it’s still Spring. Tomato/ tomatoe!

Today – I spent a couple of hours in Bondi and walked back home through Bronte thinking ‘this looks like Beverly Hills or something. The BBQ huts are so picture perfect it doesn’t look real!’

So as much as 24hrs ago I was pining for the Coca Cola truck, a faux fur, matching bear hats and my glossy haired London besties (a la London, November 2011 at the Rudimental album launch party).

23557802_10156051622003814_498379288_oToday not so much.

Because today I was in awe of Sydney.

Since moving out of Bondi a couple of months ago I have rarely been back, even though it is literally 15 mins walk away. It was so nice to take time out with my old housemate (Elliot AKA Best Paws) and relax in the sun with a good book.

As much as part of me will always hanker for the traditional Christmas lifestyle of London, the food, the cheer, the great people, the TV ads that just make Christmas ”Christmas!” – it’s hard not to love Sydney especially more so at this time of year.

For everything you miss home for, you are given different things to appreciate. Living away gives you double vision of the life you knew and the life you know – to see things from both sides of the coin (planet!) is special.

So as the Christmas ads roll out across our TV’s Down Under I’ll be taking in the fact that blue skies beckon and I’ve got one of the world’s best coastal paths at my feet.


This was the first weekend I had enjoyed some serious ‘me’ time in a while. I made no plans whatsoever, caught up on my sleep, read, looked after myself and mentally prepared for the week ahead.

Sunday done right!

Thanks for reading, have a great week ahead!



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