T’was the first week of the rest of my life … 

It’s 8pm Sunday night as I type this. As I reflect on the week gone by I have to say it’s been pretty great!.

My first week in my new job was busy, challenging and fun. 

I’m sat here looking forward to what Monday brings.

I cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge on my new commute and can see the Sydney Opera House from my new desk.

… I’ll never get used to the fact that; I LIVE in Sydney!.

Forever a tourist – forever grateful.

This week;

  • I was grateful for the chance to start afresh. Everything felt brand new. In some ways it almost felt like I had just arrived in Sydney!.
  • I appreciated the true worth of giving every day 111%. Best foot forward life! … From how you dress in the morning to how many smiles you give out a day, to how many tasks you get through as quickly as you can in an hour – you get out what you put in. 
  • Didn’t run at all but I ate a lotta cookies … a week off once in a while isn’t going to break my love (or need) for running. It’s been good to focus fully on work – next week I’ll pick it back up again. 
  • Friday marked the first day of Spring and it most certainly felt like it – right on cue the sun was strong and the air warm. Sydney is in full flow right now. 
  • Found a cool little bar called The Alleyway. It’s just opened up in the city – go find it!
  • Enjoyed the Coogee Food & Wine festival – lots of fab food stalls and dogs everywhere = a great arvo out.


Life feels like an exciting place to be right now!

Thank you for reading. Happy Sunday – do something great this week!.



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