Bye Bye 31!

👆Today … my last day on earth age 31! 👆#blinkandyoullmissit 

Reflections on 365 days gone by …

WORK – I worked in two different jobs in the last year, one for two weeks (!), one for 10 months. Both were steep learning curves in various ways and as I look ahead to starting my new job this Monday 28th August, I know I will bring much of what I experienced during this time with me. Both technically and in self-confidence as to what I can achieve; I am in a really exciting stage of my career right now and look ahead with eager eyes.

HOME – I moved home on my birthday weekend last year – into a lovely apartment which I ended up leaving sooner than I think I should have when I look back now. But I thought I ‘wanted my own place’. Turns out, not so much! … I am currently living with three friends in the nicest home I’ve lived in since I lived with my family back Surrey, England before I left in 2014. Basically; home life has been through the ringer this year, I lived in 4 different places. This is my 5th stop and I know I am very lucky to be where I am right now. Bronte is simply lovely!.

LOVE – At the start of 2017 I wrote a blog stating I ‘won’t be catching feelings this year’. L O L. One of the most naïve posts I’ve ever written and of course feelings bit me in the ass! But that sting didn’t last long. Right now there’s no one in my life in that way and there hasn’t been for months, it’s probably the best position I’ve been in since I broke up with my ex nearly 6 years ago. I’ll ‘never say never’ but right now a man/ men aren’t a priority at all.

FAMILY – I was extremely fortunate to fly to Abu Dhabi to see my family for a mini-break back in April and my family recently moved to Singapore – I am so grateful they are closer and that means I get to see them when possible. I also hope to see my wider family (who I haven’t seen since November 2015) when possible.

WRITING – I wrote a lot in spurts, much of which I have since deleted. I realised I was over-sharing and while I might find writing good for me, some of it really is best kept in my own diary (for my eyes only!). I will continue to write, as and when I feel like it, during this upcoming year – I still have to write about Brazil (Summer 2014!) at some point! 🙂 My grand ideas for a ‘book’ are currently on hold but one day it’s still a goal I hope to achieve. Just keep watching this space really!.

LOWS – Too many to list. I hit myself hard this year, all year. Literally from the morning I woke up age 31 I’ve been on various ‘Oh my god, what is going on?!’ / ‘I hate myself’ / ‘Why did I do that?’ trips. Even this week I had more of that. It’s been full circle all year but as I reflect now I know it’s all been learning and I’m moving out of 31 with ‘fresh start feels’. I gave bad times too much attention, the more you focus on something the bigger it becomes. 

HIGHS – Running the Sydney Half Marathon was one the best things I’ve done in my life to date. Surprising my family in Abu Dhabi!. Forging super-strong friendships with a handful of my already-close friends. The laughs off the back of the crazyyyy Spring/Summer 16/17.

LOOKING AHEAD – Positive, positive, positive vibes!

What I want for the year in front of me; to work hard, to keep running, to focus on self-care more and catch myself on a ‘bad day’ before it becomes something bigger than just that, to be kind, caring and loving to my family and friends, to be a great Big Sister, to spend more time with my family whenever the chance arises, to never forget my sense of humour, to look for the best in all situations, to just let things be, to be grateful every day, to explore more of Australia, to remember we only live once … to Embrace The Ride.

Note to self; Time flies when you’re having a fun time, a shit time, the best time, the worst time, a crazy time, a quiet time – make the most of it 💫

Thank you for reading my blog! Have a great weekend ahead 😊



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  1. Mum
    August 26, 2017 / 12:30 am

    Great read
    You seem calm and focused and you have made some thoughtful comments there Lar
    Good luck in your new job Lara xxx❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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