Missed flights and right decisions


In June I booked a flight to New York with high hopes of a trip of a lifetime.

Every day I would think about what lay ahead as I counted the days down to boarding the flight out of Sydney.

At times I lived on the strictest budget ($100 a week – nigh impossible and not much fun) to save as much as I could to make the trip what I hoped it would be.

But a lot has happened since June!.

After recently moving into a new home and securing my new job; I was still due to take my holiday (from my ever-rolling-Sydney-holiday life) on September 14th.

But in recent weeks, as I continued to plan it every day in my head, scribbling notes and saving points of interest on my phone it didn’t start to feel so much like a ‘dream break’.

It became a pressure to work out how I was going to do everything and give it all 111%.

Could I justify spending all that money if I had just moved home?.

How could I give my new job 111% if I wasn’t there at such an early point in joining the team?.


I called United Airlines this morning to discover that my flight is valid for a year. I will incur a $200 change fee when I’m ready to re-book (+ any change in flight fees, so assuming I get a similar flight it shouldn’t cost me too much more on top).

It was that easy. Right decision; done deal.

I wanted to share this today as sometimes in life you have to do what is the best, right, sensible thing to do for yourself.

I could have easily gone on the trip, spent the money I had, worked before and after the break and come back if I thought ‘but I’ve booked it now, I should keep to my word’.

Sometimes you feel you should stick to a plan ‘because you should’ or ‘because I already planned it though’.

Or to save face – I had made plans to visit people in New York and a handful had kindly offered to take me out/ put me up too.

But to live honestly to yourself you gotta say ‘No’ when you know. Do what feels right.

If something is making your tummy knot up and crossing your mind with thoughts that make you feel unsure it’s a surefire sign to reconsider what you are doing.

Now I’ve concretely confirmed I’m not going I feel like a weight has been lifted and I’m more excited to spend those couple of weeks building bridges in my new role.

New York, New Yorkkkkkk – I look forward to seeing you before June 2018, on a trip created for all the right reasons.

For now, its full steam ahead in the right direction; my career.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week ahead!

Image credit: @centralparknyc

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