Self-belief is a wonderful thing

This morning marked my first pre-work run from my new home in Bronte.

It felt kinda odd running directly into the sun as I made my way (backwards from what I was usually used to) towards Bondi.

I spotted the above beard (aka Khal Drogo) doing press ups into the Bronte sand and thought “definitely in Australia”.

Tonight is my fifth night in my new home in Bronte.

 To say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT #capsrequired would be an understatement.

I got kinda lost on the bus home yesterday and did the same again today – it feels good to feel like a stranger again. 

It’s not Bondi and that fact feels great – it’s a new chapter, a clean slate.

I didn’t know how much I needed a change until I got it. 

And right now I’m fully aware I’m at very the start of it all – everything feels super-exciting again.

I’m finely tuned into what I truly desire from my life right now (and over the next phase as I hit my 32nd on the 26th of this month).

My positivity is unstoppable right now.

… And with that eager-for-life mindset; I’m delighted to confirm I start an exciting new job soon. 

Never give up on your dreams or yourself!

Keep wishing, working hard and owning a good heart – your stars will align if you give yourself a chance to look up. 

Thank you for reading. Have a great week!



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