Every week should be Shark Week

I’ll always remember Shark Week 2017 (last week) as a week that saw a lot of good feeling come my way. 

Loads of little weird and wonderful things happened to me, it was as though positive vibes were literally dropping at my feet outta the sky (explaination post to come on what actually happened in good time).

Since I love sharks so much. I’d like to think they had something to do with it – but let’s face it, they’re most likely too busy owning the ocean to take much notice of little me bowling through my days in Bondi … 

Today I learned that sharks have BLUE eyes, not black as we have thought all this time!.

I’m fascinated by sharks and this discovery made me want to understand more about them. 

I can’t believe this blue-eyed-wonder-fact was a shock to me! 

“How did I not know this?!”

This photo isn’t mine and I’m not sure where I saw it now (must have been half asleep when I spotted it early doors this morning) so I can’t credit it unfortunately, but I wanted to share it and the BLUE fact because it’s AWESOME.

Sharks are AWESOME.

Shark Week 2017 was AWESOME.

The weeks ahead are going to be AWESOME.




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