”We are all striving for happiness, peacefulness, and love”


This week has been pretty good. Stress hasn’t been stressing me so much. Lack of money has just been ‘another day’. My bestie, Beca, arrived back in Bondi – just having her around is all kinds of greattttt.

I enjoyed a couple of ace runs (where I felt like my feet weren’t touching the ground!) and finally got my winter-skin out in the welcome return of the sun.

I’ve been kind to myself, been chilled, brushed my little problems to one-side and looked at the bigger picture with hope in my heart.

No big news – but when the goings good that’s the kinda ‘news’ I’m more than happy with blogging about.


On the other side of the coin; I’ve seen some people butt heads this week. It made me think about how important it is to try and see issues from every angle.

Everyone has their side of a story, everyone has feelings, everyone has different ways of dealing with things … nobody is perfect.

The more we remind ourselves to think beyond our first reaction, our first thought (which can often be flippant/ in defence) – the sooner we can think more clearly and get through a tricky situation.

Today I found a great article which discusses developing empathy.

It’s well worth a read, especially if you’re in a sticky spot.

It makes the valid point ”we’re all striving for happiness, peace and love”. Check it out!.

Thank you for reading. Hope you have a great week ahead.

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