Learning from lyrics, namely Jay Z’s 4:44 album

This week Jay to the Zigga dropped his new album 4:44.

As a HUGE fan of the man, the legend, I have to admit I had no idea this was coming – but learning of it’s release on Twitter was a welcome to my week.

I read rave reviews, feedback from fans and thoughts from critics.

On the whole it appears he’s done what we’ve come to expect of him; he’s made his point through his lyrical genius ways and has smashed it.

Classic Jay.

So; he’s addressed the heavily rumoured cheating chapter (who and why would anyone ever cheat on Queen Bey is beyond me – but it kinda makes him a man right; it’s normal. It happens. Even to Bey and Jay).

I haven’t listened to a single bar of 4:44 (yet), but I’ve read the lyrics and seen (my version) of the meaning behind what he’s trying to say …

Aside from admitting he cheated (which, yes, we all figured out when Solange lost it ~this one time~ in that elevator …) a loud message that struck home with me was the lyric ”But this ‘fuck everybody’ attitude ain’t natural’‘ from the track called ”Kill Jay-Z”.

He clearly shines a light on the issue of how we, as people, as human beings, have developed into this ”F**K ERRRRBODY” frame of mind.

As the great man points out; it’s simply not natural.


L O V E. W I N S.

Jeez, I know I have been guilty of this so many times, both recently and over the years.

I have point blank cut people out of my life, said things off the cuff, put myself first, been defensive in times of doubt and on the whole been in many situations where I have acted without thinking.

This lyric made me think because; it’s true.

Life shouldn’t be about hating on people, seeing them for the bad or expecting the worst.

Everyone wants to be loved, to be wanted, to be accepted and to appreciate a nice word or a warm look.

I made a little pact with myself this week; to try and be kinder.

To once again, try and up my politeness, my warmth and my open frame of mind as I interact with others.

I also read an article this week that said; ”if you struggle with being happy, do this once a day – it’s free and it takes 10 seconds … think of someone else you wish to be happy. Think of them and send happiness their way – it costs you nothing and will immediately send them good vibes and lift your mood too”.

… So I have been doing this too.

I think of my loved ones around the world – it feels good to send my hopes for them their way, even when they have zero idea I am doing so.

So much is going on in our world these days.

Things that, quite frankly, scare the s**t out me; Trump on tour, multiple attacks in the UK, the daily struggles of countries in war etc etc.

They are all things that, unfortunately, we can’t necessarily do much to change. And we pretty much cant’ runway from them either (because: NEWS and Facebook feeds!) but we can help people close to us and we can be kind to each other.

Maybe we can’t change the world; but we sure can make a positive impact on those we cross paths with.

I hope this post makes you feel like spreading some kindness this week – it can be anything from making a cup of tea for a friend, writing a letter to someone you miss, buying flowers for one you love, shooting a stranger a smile or giving a homeless person some food or drink (I did this this evening).

Even a tiny gesture can help another person have a better day

We have to make the most of each other!

Thanks Jay Z for the lyric that made me think! And Thank You for reading.

Have a great week ahead.


Image credit: Huffington Post

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