Don’t be afraid to start a conversation

Last night I stayed up late writing (this post) and hit the sack ready to conk out.

But it was so cold I couldn’t sleep for ages (yes; I wanted a puppy / boyfriend / electric blanket … actually all three!).

So with the rubbish sleep came the not-so-easy wake up for sunrise.

But as I stirred I thought of the One Wave Is All It Takes crew, because they are gathered on Bondi Beach every Friday morning at 630am – without fail; come rain, shine or FREEZIN ELL!.

That’s one of the things that makes Fluro Friday great – you can count on it.

This morning seemed to go quicker than usual, we touched on making the conversation heard about mental health.

One of the crew is currently driving for Uber and he said it’s amazing how many people pour their stories out to him as he mentions his involvement with One Wave, when he’s asked the ol’ ”Do you do Uber full time?” question.

So that’s all I wanted to share today – don’t be afraid to start the conversation.

Whether this be through family, friends, a professional or a chance One Wave Uber driver …

Big thanks to the One Wave crew for getting me outta bed this morning.

I saw three humpback whales as I was leaving the beach, a slice of Bondi winter magic I would have missed had I not bothered to get up ‘because: cold’ …

Thank you for reading. Hope you’re having a good Friday wherever you are 😊

If you ever want a friendly ear, you can always message me directly here – I’m no professional but I am a great listener, and will always try my best to help you.



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