Two people. Two issues with Wanderlust. One ~real talk~ blog post


Wanderlust. Noun. ‘A strong desire to travel’

This week I’ve spoken to two friends who are questioning their own wishes to travel.


Friend 1: Is based at home and hasn’t made the leap yet but keeps getting the urge to do something BIG. We’ve spoken about them going exploring a few times, and recently its come up again – that curious feeling is rising.

… And we all know how hard it is to ignore a dream.

When you’ve never been away travel feels (and is!) a HUGE BLIND STEP; you can’t imagine what it will really be like.

Where should you go? What should you do? Who with? Alone?!. Is it really as good as your Instagram feed tells you? Is it really worth leaving home behind?.

Advice for dealing with the early stages of wanderlust:

  • If you’re keen but scared that’s ok and completely normal. No one has ‘got this’ first time off the blocks but that’s part of the excitement!. It’s good to be scared. It shows that you respect what you may be about to undertake.
  • Start small: If the idea of flying across the globe sounds too much, become a local traveler. Reading this from Europe? – book a long weekend somewhere awesome; like Amsterdam or Berlin. Check into a hostel. Get in the mix and see how you go. You will be fine. Just do it!.
  • Don’t let your fears stand in your way. If you often think about travel and really would like to have a go – you can do it!. If I (a girl from a tiny town in West Wales) can circle the whole world twice on her own, so can you. BELIEVE ME.


Friend 2: Has already traveled, has been back home and is on the cusp of another mammoth trip to explore and work abroad.

But their feelings for leaving again, don’t outweigh the pull of staying home quite so much as it did for them the first time around.

Tackling the secondary stages of Wanderlust:

  • Take a long, hard look in the mirror and give yourself a break – you already did it!. You left home once and smashed it. Back then you didn’t think you could do it did you?. Nope. But you did. And you made it home safe too!. You have nothing to prove to anyone.
  • See this second trip as a ‘holiday’ that will last as long, or short, as you want. You know you can come home at any time; any day, week, month or year ahead. You now know that home feels pretty damn good and that’s brilliant!. What a fabulous situation to be in!.
  • Unless you have had a massive change of heart you should stick with what you set out to do, just for a little bit. Big trips aren’t planned overnight and if you duck out of what you’ve looked forward to for so long you might come to resent the fact you stayed home. BE SURE home is what you want before you think about losing money on flights and losing sleep over missed opportunities.


I believe: If travel is in your head, it is most likely in your future.

We don’t know what’s beyond the life we have right now. With this in mind I fully believe it is of paramount importance to do what you like, when you like. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE – don’t forget that.

I have always done what I want in life, sure it hasn’t always gone my way. I’ve made various f*&k ups on route (most of which I’m weirdly proud of because I know I am LIVING!).

The thing is; I know I can look back, even now age 31, resting easy on the fact I’ve followed my heart and my head.


Dreams do come true. Your life can be as big and as spectacular as you want it to be. There is a lot going on in our world, and we all deal with our own pressures but travel is something that will always be there for us – you might read this and feel happy and secure at home but come age 60 you might want to book a cruise around the globe.

You don’t have to do it all now. You have to do your life the way that works for you.

Listen to your heart always, your head sometimes and remember, it’s your life to live however you want.

Trust yo’self!

Do what you gotta do.

The photos in this post were taken today and yesterday. I spent a lot of time by the water this weekend and as you can see, Bondi really came up with the goods.

Thank you for reading. Happy Sunday and here’s to a great week ahead!




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  1. sas78h
    June 26, 2017 / 8:57 am

    Loving the photography…

    • June 26, 2017 / 12:53 pm

      It really was such a beaut weekend! 😍

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