20 photos: Two days exploring Melbourne & Tasmania

Introducing a little batch of my first ever manual-mode photos (some I am proud of, some needed more time and work!).

Trying to use the correct settings to get crisp, good quality images didn’t always come easily.

If the subjects were still I tried a few times until I was happy – if they were moving (or if the shots were of me, they were taken on auto-mode … in those cases it was safer to get them at all).

Please see image captions for details of the where’s and what’s …



Degraves Street. The first pic I took on manual-mode!. The girl was unusual and definitely had a ‘spirit of Melbourne’ about her.


Eat at The Soup Place on Degraves Street = help the homeless. I love the thought behind this soup spot. Love soup, love people! (shot on an auto-setting that picks up bright colours – check the oranges!)


One of my fave pics from my hour on Degraves Street in Melbourne. It’s not perfect quality (bit grainy and blurred!) but I liked all the colours and the movement of a school outing. There were lots of school trips out soaking up the street culture of Melbourne, it was great to see!


Reaching out on Hosier Lane. Love this one, trying to play with close up and blurred backgrounds.


Hosier Lane. I saw this and thought ‘Don’t be a slave to your life’.


Thinking of my Mum on Hosier Lane. (auto-mode image)


Haunting Hosier Lane. Manual-mode: Colours too pale but the artwork is awesome!


Police following a chef. Only on Hosier Lane.


The reading room in the State Library, I love this place!


Spires on Swanston Street.

It was great exploring Melbourne with a fresh head and a desire to see it differently through my Canon G16. I liked the challenge of trying to take photos I was satisfied with.

By night we dined on the busy Southbank. I love Melbourne and this quick trip reminded me once again why it’s often voted the ”most liveable city in the world”.



Pooley vineyard this way!


Pop in to the Pooley winery for award winning tastings.


Richmond Bridge, built in 1823. The land in Tassie reminded me of England and Wales … the stonework (as seen on the bridge here) reminded me of Bath, England.


Richmond market. Not the best quality pic but you get the gist – it was cute and reminded me of markets back home in Wales.


Richmond Market. I wanted to take lots of these back to Bondi with me.


Old classics a-go-go at the Richmond Sweet Shop.


I love cheese! The Wicked Cheese Company was all kinds of yummy! Chilli Cheddar was my fave.


Sup Howrah Beach!


A local gent on Howrah Beach.


The coldest I’ve been since I can remember (!) but still smiling atop Mount Wellington.

Tasmania was so much more than I imagined. I loved it!.

In my head it was a little, barren, place filled with one-way-streets … I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It reminded me of Reading, England and also of Bath, England.

Much of Hobart (where we stayed the night) is built on the waters edge, so it’s full of all types of boats and fresh, clean air.

I will definitely book a trip back to Tassie when the weather is better (it was too cold for me at 11 degrees – I’m a Sydney girl now after all!). I look forward to doing more touristy things next time – this was just a taster.

Hope you enjoyed my little snapshot into these two great parts of Australia. Thanks for checking out this post. Here’s to a great week ahead! Next post coming Wednesday.


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  1. Mum
    June 3, 2017 / 6:37 am

    Fantastic colours in your photos Lara
    You really captured an atmosphere in each one
    I like the mum one and the police following the chef
    Well done

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