Photography – having a go in manual mode!

I’m in Melbourne baby!

Last weekend I chatted with a professional photographer who gave me great advice – “take photos in manual mode only”.

This sounds obvious but considering I’ve had my camera since November 2015 (when I last left the UK) and have never taken the time to really have a proper go in manual-mode his words rang loud and clear to me.

I love photography and know I’ve got a good eye for a decent shot … but how am I ever going to improve my skills if I just use my iPhone or my camera in auto-mode?!.

Exactly … time to make a change.

Bearing in mind my advice in my previous post; this morning I gave myself time to try. 

I also stood at the start of fascinating Degraves Street frantically searching Google for tips and how to’s.

Getting the hang of things!

The jist of this is; in two hours I accomplished more with my camera than I had done since I bought it.

I took a number of manual-mode shots.

Some are awful quality because I had the aperture, shutter speed or ISO settings wrong (I finally know what these mean!:).

Of course (often!) all three at the same time were not right!.

At times my little Canon G16 frustratedly beeped at me and wouldn’t take the shot; because I wasn’t giving it the right tools to take with.

I kept trying and soon worked out what looked ok.

It was more a feeling though, if it didn’t “feel” right the shot didn’t look right. So I kept fiddling with the manual-mode settings and taking pics by what felt best.

And the shots got better!.

I feel really proud of the photos I’ve captured on the streets of Melbourne this morning.

And although now part of me is thinking “wish I’d tried this sooner” the main part of my brain is all “better late than never!”.

Have a go at stuff – make mistakes – learn … it’s such a good feeling!

*** I’m in Melbourne catching up with a bestie today. Tomorrow she’s taking me to Hobart (Tasmania!) for the first time ever!.

Super excited to explore and then share my pictures with you on Sunday. I’ve posted this from my phone so the pics have to wait until then, when I’m on my laptop ***

Until then, thank you for reading, have a great day! 



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