10 tips: How to start DOING the things you’ve been ”wanting to do for ages”


Me turning my ”wants” into action //  Solo traveling Thailand, January 2014.

If you’ve thought about ”something for ages” but taken no real steps to make it happen – don’t beat yourself up about it. Your time can be now.

If you’re among the many with a ”want” or ”wish” that’s been brewing for ages and you’re finally ready to make a change but don’t know where to start …

Here’s 10 simple, easy steps to getting on with creating that lifestyle you secretly crave:

1. Turn your ”I want to…” into ”I made a start!”. Set a day aside to stop talking and start doing. If it’s not today, how does next Monday – or a week from today look? PICK. A. DAY. TO. START. Pick it. Commit to. Do it.

2. Make time. It’s no coincidence that many hugely successful business people, politicians, celebrities and athletes of our world get up in the early hours. Set your alarm an hour earlier than normal. Get your grind on while the rest of your world is just stirring. If mornings are out of the question, what about evenings after work – or during your lunch break. Find an extra do-able hour in your days that you can genuinely commit to. Make your time count.

3. Open your mind = be inspired. Be inspired by your friends, your family, your work colleagues. Your inspiration doesn’t have to come off the back of a millionaires lifestyle or a celebrity you love – look for guidance in more relatable people and nearby places.  Talk to the elderly and get some wisdom in your life. Find your inspiration closer to home.

4. Get lost in literature. Go to a library. Or to a quirky cafe full of books (like Gertrude and Alice in Bondi Beach). Ask staff for the topic you need to find out more about – get lost in books! Take your faves home to delve deeper into before bed, or on your morning commute.


Have laptop. Will Google.

5. Ask Google. If you want take up a new hobby or develop a new skill but have zero idea as to the ”hows, whats, whys”; Google is your best friend. I’m constantly searching ”How to”, ”How can I”, ”Where can I find”, ”Who does this?” etc etc etc. Google is endless. Google is awesome.

6. Don’t be shy. Find likeminded people via online forums, at night schools, at local meet-ups and on specific Facebook groups  – put yourself out there, get involved. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many people, just like you, are in the same boat and want to move forward chasing their interests and goals.

7. Use YouTube. So you’re reading books (no.4) and Google is giving you loads of info (no.5) – but don’t stop there. Get on YouTube. Watch videos that will rev you up, clips that will educate you, be wow’d by TedEx speakers captivating the masses, find tutorials and jot notes down as you go.


”How do I learn to make …”

8. Set achievable goals. This is superrrrrr important!. Don’t be all ‘I wanna cook a feast for my whole family next Sunday’ if you haven’t turned the oven on since 1999 (aka me). Your best (and safest!) bet is to START SMALL. Super small. Set a goal you know you can smash, in a timeframe that you’re certain is do-able. Yes there is a lot of point in this method; once you start ticking those little *nailed it!* boxes your confidence will grow and you’ll be ready to move quickly on to bigger and better things.

9. Keep a visual motivation of some sort. I print things out and stick them where I can see them daily. I’ve got an image of a fitness model wearing a top that says ”RUNNING” on my bedroom door (if she can look that good, so can I). On Monday I stuck my half marathon number to my pin board in work (if I can complete that I can complete my to-do list).

10. Find what WORKS FOR YOU and keep at it. If you’re reading this and you ‘want to start a blog’ but you don’t have time to go to night school, read books, Google every day blog and watch youtube – focus in on one or two methods that work around your life, your timetable. I know there is at least one (hopefully multiple) things in this list that will help you achieve your goals. Find what it is and start making shit happen!.

The moment I seriously decided to give myself a (real) chance to run a half marathon it came together in 8 weeks.

I had talked about doing one since June 2015.

Two years of talking became two months of doing.

IMAGINE what you can achieve in 8 weeks from now.

If you’re out on a mission to chase a personal goal, I would LOVE to hear what you’re doing and how you get on. If I can ever help you get motivated (or you want any advice on running, writing or whatever is in your head) drop me a line on my contact page. I will always reply.

Thank you for reading.




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