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20K: Learning the hard way

*This post was written in May 2017, I have re-published it in April 2020. Sounds like a (mentally) hectic time back then – I have no idea about the video I posted in a rage. Such a drama queen. I no longer think those kind of posts are good ideas! 😉

As you may have already seen; last Sunday I ran 20k for the first time in my life.

I enjoyed the run itself but I had made a serious misjudgement before I set off. I decided to just ‘’go and run 20k’’, I went after a bowl of cereal and no further preparation…

By the time I finished I was mentally and physically knackered. I cried a few tears of elation, felt briefly sick and nearly choked on my own lungs.

Turns out; you’re not meant to bend over to catch your breath afterwards because your lungs are at capacity and breathing doesn’t come very easily!

Choking was quite a scary physical feeling I had never felt before. I was annoyed with myself for being so stupid as to just casually think I could do it with no preparation or idea how to recover afterwards properly.

When I caught my breath, I walked around Googling ‘’how to recover after a long run’’ while panicking – a bit late in the game right?!.

It’s now Thursday and I went for a little jog this morning – my legs are just about OK to use for running again. My face has also just about recovered from the dehydration. I did not feel or look my best earlier in the week at all! Now I’m back. 110%.

Note to self: It’s not always a case of ‘’mind over matter’’. We are not invincible … Look after your body, don’t let a scare be the thing to remind you it’s the only one you’ve got.

Letting it all out on social media.

My emotions were running (‘xcuse the pun) high during my 20k – 2 hours is a lot of ‘’me time’’ to think about, well, pretty much everything.

My thoughts darted between feeling awesome as my body just kept going, to what I wanted to achieve in work next week/ month/ year, to my family and friends dotted around the world, and also to a debt I was trying to recover from someone I no longer had any kind of connection with.

After my run I posted a video on my social pages and ”dedicated” it to the debt situation – because when it crossed my mind whilst I was running it made me angry and it made me run faster. I was so frustrated I tried to run it out!.

I recently decided to be (even more of) an open book with what I share because it is more honest, more real, more me. I say everything in real life so that’s how my online life needs to be. Upfront. Sharing what happens just shows life for what it is – often far from perfect.

That video has been seen over 2,500 times and the post(s) have reached over 4,000 people. The money situation is (now) being sorted out – hurrah. The line can finally be drawn under the whole shitty situation.

Note to self: Don’t be the person who becomes a ‘bank’ – it’s a nightmare. It’s also partly your fault for being too kind in the first place. It may get out of hand and may damage any friendship you ever had, probably forever. If you’re like me and insist on sharing your life online, be prepared for (some) people to judge you and not like you – you’re letting them into your world so it’s going to happen. You need to have a thick skin sometimes. It is what it is.

Be there, even when you’re not.

One of the people I hold most dear to me had some work-related bad news this week. I was shocked. My thoughts of worry turned to physical feelings today – there’s been a few times I’ve had tummy flips while thinking about their next step.

I realised that one of the last times I felt that feeling in my stomach was when I was looking for a job that would offer me security to stay in Sydney.

It is a feeling of gritty determination and knowing full well it will work out. My friend will be fine, maybe not immediately but in the long run – failure is not an option. I have no doubt whatsoever it will be OK and until it does pan out I’ll be available 24/7, 365 to lend support in anyway I can.

Note to self: Be there for your loved ones at all hours of all days. You can’t always be there in person but there is always (always!) something you can do to help … Whether it’s a phone call, a text, making them dinner, sending flowers, simply just listening to what’s going on. Be there in some way, shape or form and don’t let them forget your presence or how much you care.

Thank You for reading! Special Thank You’s to those who have been there for me 24/7, 365 recently – you know who you are.




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