Give yourself the gift of your own effort | Larasstory archives, April 2017

* This was written in April 2017 and re-published in April 2020.

The recent changes I’ve decided to make, for the better of my life, have left the door wide open for many things to take place – in time I didn’t previously have.
My Autumn/ Winter weekends are pretty much completely free. I have a friends birthday, the Sydney Half Marathon, a trip to Melbourne, a trip to Perth and a trip to Singapore pencilled in.
Aside from these five (super exciting!!) events my diary is free until Christmas, no joke.
This is the first time in my entire life that I’ve ever thought about having “nothing on” nearly every weekend.

I’ve been making a lot of “note to self” memos lately – savings ideas of plans for what I want to achieve within the coming months.
Run min 5 days a week, without fail. This includes longer 10km runs and my sunrise sessions (which are shorter but involve lots of hills, sprints, steps and bench work too).
Write often, whenever inspiration hits me and ensure I post at least twice a week (without fail).
Launch my new blog by the end of May, with revised old content and lots of new content too (this project is my offical “baby” where much of my time will go).
Join a night school, I’ve talked about this before and looked into courses which help you to plan writing a book. I’m going to explore options for development around my writing and also about people, so possibly a psychology class. As I get older, I realise how genuinely interested I am in people and the human mind. I know it would educate and shape my writing too.
Go to more art galleries, markets and museums to both see more of Sydney and become more informed about interesting, beautiful things of old and new.
Use websites such as Time Out and for once actually tick off (some of) the calendar of events they recommend, rather than just reading them and thinking “that looks cool”‘and never thinking about it again.

As I ran today my mind turned to a time (and person) of my past who had made me feel worthless.
It was a fleeting, odd thought to think about while running. Usually my mind is always super pumped and positive while pushing through a work out.
I teared up a bit and kept going (I was so hot I could pass the tears for sweat – nice!).
… Hang on a minute. I wasn’t standing for this! …

I blasted out Kanye West “Stronger” (one of the best songs EVER!) and resumed the rest of my route with my spirits lifted.

… I had purposely turned my mind around. I focused on what was important. I reminded myself what mattered.

By the time I had finished said run I had loosely mapped out the above points on what was next on my hit list to achieve.

If you have things you want to get done but have a habit of putting off – there’s no time like the present to take the baby steps to make them happen. 

Remind YOURSELF what will benefit YOU and dedicate some time. 

Give yourself the gift of your own effort.

Start today. 
Thank you for reading.


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