My first year living in Bondi Beach

Earlier I checked my Facebook “On This Day” to be reminded that a year ago I secured my first home in Bondi.

I’d been living in Bondi Junction until then (not far away!).

I used to run to Bondi and back whenever possible and spend as much time in ~Bondi itself~ as I could.

But I couldn’t wait to get amongst the 2026 postcode and start fully living that Bondi dream.

When me and my (then new) friend “the beautiful” Amy found our apartment I was over the moon.

We shared my first Aussie winter (AKA freezing, refusing to buy heaters and eating excessive amounts of chocolate while watching the Kardashians!).

Now, this day today, 2017, I’m living two doors up from our old place.

From there I could see the beach from my bedroom window – I can’t see it from where I am now but it’s only 100m or so from my door and I can clearly hear the waves from my bed so I can’t ever complain.

I’ve lived in two South Bondi apartments in the last year and also went through that recent phase of “staying with friends for a few weeks” while I found my current place (and sorted my general life/ shit out!!).

For me, South Bondi is THE place because you wake up to the sunrise … if you’re a sunset kinda kid then living North-side may be more your bag.

Since I wrote yesterday I didn’t plan to write AGAIN today but I felt I should mark my 1st year where I’m meant to be!

As you know; I am pretty much obsessed with B O N D I. It gives me LIFE! If you live here I hope you feel the same.

Bondi itself just means so much to me – it’s the only place that has ever felt “home” since I left the UK in Jan 2014. It’s a place that has changed the course of my life – the only place I’m not prepared to leave by choice.

Living by the ocean is just a different life all together and something I will never ever take for granted.

If I don’t get near the water each day I feel like I’ve been away far too long when I see it again.

I’m sat here on a Thursday night on the beach front, writing this from my phone in the dark!

It’s weird but quite amazing how much you can just “need” to be near the water.

Wonder how many sunrises and sunsets I packed in  … here’s to even more this year!.

Oh and let’s not forget the laid back people, the cool bars and fab food spots that fill Bondi. Cafe Bikini, Gertrude and Alice and Anchor Bar are my go it’s for drinks, books and Sunday dinners!

~Looking ahead~ I hope that this time next year I’m looking back reflecting on good times spent with good people, good health, still running loads, having achieved great things in my career and created many more Bondi memories.

If you haven’t been to Bondi yet but ever get the chance – please do!

Come and see what all the fuss is about, it’s THE BEST !!!

***These pics are just 7 of my absolute faves (among the hundreds I’ve taken) from the last year. Some beauts!

Thank you for reading. Hope you have a great weekend ahead – BE HAPPY!




  1. Mum
    April 20, 2017 / 11:47 pm

    Lovely pics nice to hear you are happy and continue to enjoy life x😘

    • April 25, 2017 / 2:59 pm

      Thanks for reading 💖

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