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* This post was written in April 2017 and re-published in April 2020.

My alarm stirred me at 5.52 this morning, I opened my eyes to see menacing clouds hovering over the sea.

I contemplated not getting up for about 1/2 a second then reminded myself it wasn’t actually raining – I’d regret it later, when I was sat at my desk, if I didn’t go.

By 6.15 I was stretched, Spotify was on shuffle and I was gone, running along the Bondi cliffs, absolutely buzzing.

“I love running. I love Bondi! I love this song! My body feels amazing! Today I’m going to nail X, Y & Z in work and I’ll wear that outfit and feel G R E A T!”

… Welcome to my genuine loop of thoughts on my morning escapades!.

The sunrise turned out to be a moody but beautiful beast.

There’s a hill directly up from the oceans edge that reaches the bottom of Bondi Road (where I am so lucky to call Home).

It starts with around 25 steps then is steep, no more than 100m I’m guessing.

It’s a bitch of a hill but I love it because it makes me struggle; running up there I know what my body is for.

This morning it was easier than I’d found it yesterday; already a little improvement.

I’ll take any success, especially in fitness, as a win – little steps join to make big goals become reality in the end.

After mentally patting myself on the back for my little “Yay!” moment, I turned around to see a lady I had seen yesterday – making the hill look like a walk in the park.

She had come up behind me and went straight back down to come up for a second time.

No struggling to be seen.

I’m guessing this lady is in her 60’s – without knowing it, she humbled my self-praise on the spot.

She also made me want to be her one day.

She is twice my age and twice my capable on that hill – note to self; don’t get too big for your boots + train harder, much harder.

This afternoon brought me super (short lived!) joy. I had taken my Mac to be fixed and rather than cost the $750 I had been quoted I was told it was “fine, there’s nothing wrong with it”.

Took it home, so excited / worried it was too good to be true and Ta Da; same problem as before – it won’t charge.

So tomorrow I’ll be going back and this time I’m expecting the hefty price tag. Oh well. Needs must. Lara Lain gotta write and it can’t all be through an iphone forever!

Decided to finish the day on a high, with a walk across the beach with Best Paws.

Arrived at his home and the sky opened. He is a wise pup and refuses to walk in the rain – don’t blame him, it was chucking it over Bond!.

So all in all the day caught up with me, I retreated home to write this so I could sleep with a clear head.

As I walked back to mine I thought “at least I can go home, read and plan some new blog posts – every cloud“.

The rain might alter my plans but it will not dampen my spirit! 

*** At the moment I’m around 3/4 through “Inside Vogue” – it’s written by Alexandra Shulman, the Editor of British Vogue as she records her time at the helm as the magazine celebrated its 100th year (2015-2016).
I cannot express how much I admire Alexandra. I devour her words and wish I had had the chance to work with her during my years working in Publishing in London.

She makes me want to achieve more, to do more with my life – definitely to write as often as I feel.
At one point she talks of her personal sadness when David Bowie died and about how she wrote a tribute for the Vogue website “for myself as much as anyone else”.
She goes on to note that “it’s a strangely effective balm, writing about things that affect you”.
Her thoughts registered with me because that’s what I often do; I write about things that affect me.
But I tend to write cryptically because although I write from direct experience it makes me feel a sense of unease to completely be open about who and what situations I’m talking about.
Her words gave me a reminder of how I should embrace what I want to write; I just need to keep honing my style so it sits A-OK with me before any other eyes see it.
My writing is an ongoing process and I do still plan to pen a book. Let’s get this Mac fixed and I can start looking at things more seriously again.

As ever, thank you for reading. I’ll be sharing two cool pieces on living through the 80’s/90’s + solo travel very soon.

Always look for sunshine on your rainy days – BE HAPPY 



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