Why bother with reality when travel is an option?


That time of life right there. Koh Phangan, Thailand, March 1st 2014. Life was so easy …

“Travel for as long as you can” they say. They say that because they KNOW … as soon as you settle, no matter how much you LOVE where you are (aka me in Bondi) real life is indeed very real compared to travel life.

Work. Money. House. All that jazz that comes with adulting … travel on!

If I had started travelling when I was in my early 20’s (I like to think ..) I would have kept going for years.

So many visas to tick off, borders to cross, foreign money to be made, experiences to be had!

Canada, New Zealand for sure and working in hostels/ bars etc around Europe, Asia, Indonesia.

Don’t think I would have ever worked in South America, it just wasn’t my kinda place when I went first time round in 2014.

Deffo would have made a mission to road trip Central America at some point too.

Naturally, Australia would have been my final stop of my imaginary younger-days travel.

I’m both lucky and grateful that I travelled at all and the fact that a “6 month trip, I’ll be back in 6 months” turned into 2 years is just crazy. Times I will never forget.

If you have the chance to travel DO IT. Don’t doubt yourself for a second. Book that flight and get GONE. If I can do it solo anyone can.

If long term travel isn’t an option make the most of exploring where you live, no matter where you are based you will find beauty if you go looking for it.

Be sure to smash those holidays and long weekends too – it’s all part of making the most of life. Make the best of what you’ve got!

This day 3 years ago I was on a beach in Thailand with my best mate I had met on the road – right now I’m on the train to work for a crazy, busy day of being a grown up.

Of course we can’t travel FOREVER but the option is there for a HUGE adventure, it’s a big ol’ world out there – go get it!

Thanks for reading – BE HAPPY



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