”What will you do this year you’ll remember forever?”


Getting shit done way back when. 4,000 Islands, Don Det, Laos. March 2014.

Today one of the best people I know asked me that question. The one and only Nat Asia (my Aussie/ Asian fireball of energy and inspiration) got hold of me before work and sent my mind into overdrive all day simply by sending me a video clip …

Nat works for Contiki, a world leading travel company. Contiki create epic travel-related content. The brand is global and what they do for the travel industry is MEGA. This latest aforementioned video campaign is no exception as it asks those meaningful words; ”What will you do this year you’ll remember forever?”.

Who’s Nat? And show me the video!

Nat and I met on a Tuk Tuk pub crawl in Siem Reap, Cambodia nearly 3 years ago. In true-to-form style we partied the night away and then planned to ”go in the pool” when we got back to the hostel in the early hours – didn’t happen. We passed out poolside.

Since that night we’ve spent alot of good times together. We both work in digital roles and we both write. We’re both BIG lovers of life and we’re definitely always put in the crazy corner.

So when Nat sent me the clip this morning I knew I was in for a treat. As I write this at 9pm on Wednesday night it already has over 260,000 views. It’s gone viral and for good reason.

It’s time for some goosebumps. I’m just going to leave this right here for you …

The years I’ll remember forever.

2011. After a 5 year relationship that finally hit the last brick wall I left my boyfriend and my whole life began again. At 26 I started to find out who I really was and the fun side of my life went into overdrive. The Lara Lain you know today was born the moment I walked out of our North London apartment and never looked back. The party I call life opened it’s doors wide. Those doors are yet to close! It was a negative that became a positive. Life was taking care of itself, I just didn’t realise back then.

2012. The height of my career in London. Working for LOOK magazine, the UK’s best selling fashion weekly. I had been there 4 years by that point and knew the job like the back of my hand. My confidence and knowledge in my role was sky high. It was also the year that the Olympics took place in the UK’s capital. To put it simply – if you were in London for any/ all of the Games you JUST KNOW. I haven’t been alive forever (!!) but I dare say that year was the best London ever was. It was magic. You could feel the excitement in the air. London put on a mighty show. I was so proud to be British and was fully in love with London, obsessed with the very bones of it!

2014. Left home to travel solo on January 3rd with no plan or no idea when I would be back. I think it’s fair to say I took to travel like a duck to water. With every destination I met new people and had more of a good time. Apart from rubbish men who led me on for their own gain nothing phased me. My experience as a lone traveller took me to Sydney in May 2014 and the immediate ”this is where I’m meant to be feeling” that first day I visited Bondi has kept me where I am right now. The freedom of travel is something once done, never forgotten.

2017. It’s only the 11th of January but my life has already changed again. It’s as big a change as I experienced leaving my boyfriend behind in 2011 and leaving the UK behind in 2014 but this time it’s a feeling the other way round – I’m not leaving anything. I’m gripping on for dear life. Laying roots. Making my future. Securing my sponsorship to stay on in Australia is possibly the most tricky but worthwhile obstacle I have crossed in my life to date.

So you’re saying you’ve done all you want to do? Surely not.

No, not by any means. But after watching the video I kind of feel like I’ve done a lot of my major goals. The travel, the independence, the career. But this leaves way for the mini-goals to become big ones!

This year I’ll be focusing on the below as starting points to make 2017 one to remember.

  1. Take things day-by-day when the going gets rocky. 2 weeks ago I was freaking out about my visa status and was battling daily with myself about my future. Turns out fate had things in hand. No more giving self a hard time unless I 110% know something IS going wrong.
  2. Don’t lose anything. I have lost at least one iPhone  a year since they came out. Absolutely disgraceful. Let’s get through 2017 loser-moan-free!
  3. Be the expert in my field. As a digital marketer my job is continually changing. Digital is ever-developing. This year I want to learn, learn, learn as much as I can. I’ll be training on the job, on courses and self-teaching. The sky is the limit!
  4. Stay healthy. Drinking is on the cut-back list. Fun is still required but with less damage on my bod! … You only realise how little and fragile you really are when you get ill. Those few sick days between Christmas and New Year shook me up. No more of that thank you very much.
  5. Look tip top. New clothes. Nice make up. Ace hair. Yes please. All of it. I’m going to keep myself in check and sail through this year feeling fab inside and out.
  6. Be infectious. Through gratitude, laughs, being honest and open, caring for others and all the rest of the qualities that a genuinely decent, down to earth person has – I will be them. Because I am inside and over the years I know I’ve let myself down on numerous occasions by letting the demon in me out (don’t pretend you haven’t got one too;). None of that nonsense this year. Good feels only.

So all in all it appears I want to be the best version of myself. Turns out that’s a pretty big goal to tick and something that I will be doing everything to achieve by hook or by crook from here on out.

What about you?

Do you have major goals in mind for this year?

Is travel top of your list?

Are your goals HUGE or small and do-able?

Maybe you don’t have any goals – that’s more than ok, as long as you’re happy going about your days thats all that matters.

But I don’t have time or money for BIG plans … 

The Contiki video really made me think and I’m sure, whatever your gig you will get something positive from it too.

Be sure to check it out and remember – your goals don’t have to be BIG goals. Not everyone wants to travel / feels the need for a nice car / wants to take part in the rat race to see who ends up the richest.

Your little goals can become major achievements. Giving up smoking? Think of all the money you will save this year and treat yo’self with the dollar! Learning a new skill? You’ll be pro by 2018! Getting fit? You will be completely transformed by the end of the year.

Whatever you do this year, whether it be changing your future well and truly off the scale or simply making little amends to your current lifestyle, I sincerely hope you look back in January 2018 and think ‘I absolutely nailed it!’.

Go all the F out!

It doesn’t matter what your age, location or status. I see 70+ year old ladies and gents running down Bondi all the time – if they can get up and go at that age then anyone can get motivated! 

Give whatever you want to do 110% and if you fail who cares, you tried!

Thank you Contiki for the thought-provoking vid, thank you Nat Asia for being Nat Asia and thank you for reading.

Good luck! 


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