Celebrations, goals & leaving feelings behind – what is 2017 REALLY saying?


This week I had a mini-breakdown but for the best possible reason. I was given the opportunity to stay on in my job and proceed with sponsorship in Australia. I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried as my manager told me what the get-go was.

The term ‘weight off your shoulders’ has never been more true. As we spoke I heaved the biggest breath I think I have ever taken in my life. My eyes filled with tears and I literally felt all my troubles leave my body. Finally! My ultimate dream was becoming reality. It was a surreal moment, one I will never forget.

My goal since returning to Sydney in Feb 2016 was to secure my future here. It’s taken a few twists, turns, job changes, broken promises and money losses during the middle of last year to reach this stage.

Everything is coming together, just a month before my visa expires. I couldn’t be more grateful. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night excited, remembering that it’s sorted and getting the YES!!!!! feeling all over again.

So, what’s in store for 2017?


Goal: My job (Digital Marketing Executive for Ipoh; working across The QVB, The Strand Arcade and The Galeries shopping centres) is my No.1 priority. I hope to come off the back of the year feeling proud of everything we achieve as a team. I sincerely wish that my individual efforts make a solid contribution to the success of Ipoh across 2017.

Probable Reality: Everything crossed that hard work pays off – failure is not an option!

YOU: What are your career goals this year? Money? Smashing targets? A promotion? Go for it!


Goal: I haven’t seen my family since 12th November 2014. Just writing those words makes me feel a bit sick. It’s been way too long! I’m planning a few weeks back home in July (if all being possible with work). I can’t even comprehend what I have missed in the time passed and am ever-thankful for Facebook, FaceTime, whatsapp and calls. Without regular contact I have no idea how I would cope living on the other side of the world. I’m not sure I could do it.

Probable Reality: It may not happen in July BUT I will see my family one way or another this year. I cannot go 2 years without hugging everyone in real life.

YOU: Are you planning something special with your family? Enjoy every moment!


Goal: As always, I will be making as much time for my friends as I can. I have a real thing about people knowing how important they are to me. I think many things often go unsaid amongst friendships and we should treasure each others time while we are lucky enough to have it.

Whether we are making the memories that last forever or simply spending down-time together – no matter what we do, it’s the time spent that makes it count. I’m on a mission to do more for others, be kinder, more generous, include everyone in all the ace stuff I get up to and give the FUN times 110% every time.

Probable Reality: There’s no doubt that much of my year will be taken up with my friends – here’s looking towards more adventures, raising a glass to the highs and being there for each-other during the lows.

YOU: When was the last time you planned a random trip, a last minute day out or got everyone round to yours for some grub? Make the most of the great people in your life!


Goal: Alongside all the FUN I had with people who I didn’t get close to, I also managed to get myself in a horrible pickle twice last year. Once at the beginning and once at the end – I was hurt, had made a fool of myself and felt horrible.

Both knocked me for a little while at the time and although I was smiling on the outside I was not happy. I had allowed myself to get swept up in my hopes and in the end it all came to an abrupt halt. As childish as this may sound; this year I’ve point blank decided that I have ‘left my feelings in 2016’.

As the year closed in I promised myself that the last one would be the last one to get under my skin for a long while. It’s always the same situation for me: have fun, spend too much time together, one (or both) of us gets feelings, life and (9 times out of 10!) other people get in the way and then it all goes sour. I haven’t got time for that going forward. I won’t allow anyone to knock me. Life is TOO GOOD right now and it needs to stay that way.

Probable Reality: I am determined to actively ignore any emotional attachment that may begin to creep in. Single life has been my life for the last 5 years and I am not out to change that. Not yet. With a lot of not caring I’ll stick by my word and I’ll be untouchable.

Of course I am always open to meeting the ‘right person at the right time’ but I honestly don’t think I’m ready for any kind of commitment for a longggggg time. Lara Lain is riding solo and she’s staying that way for a good while yet!

YOU: If you’re in a happy relationship that’s amazing, you’ve got the icing on the cake. If not, what are you waiting for – get out of there! Life is too short to be tied to the wrong person. If you’re single, make the most of it!


Goal: Now I know I have security in my life in Australia I can start planning more weekends away, trips, holidays when possible. The furthest north in Aus I have been is Brisbane (not very far at all!). This year will be the year of exploring more of this amazing country! I CANNOT WAIT to fall in love with Australia even more every time I leave the Bondi Bubble. Bring. It. On.

Probable Reality: Minimum I will get one or two long weekends out of Sydney this year, plus my visit home at some point. I’ll do some late-night-Friday/ return late-night-Sunday flights too so will try to pack in as many adventures as I can manage! Roll on those good times!

YOU: Where are you off to next? `That place you dream about? Make your trip become real this year! You will never regret money and time spent on travels.


Goal: Run as often as possible. Usually I go 4 /5 times a week – stick to that!.

Probable Reality: As long as I can stay injury free I’ll be running, running, running. It’s my favourite exercise and keeps my body in the best shape I’ve ever been in. It really doesn’t get much better than running along the Bondi coastline at sunrise.

YOU: If you don’t exercise regularly you should. You’re really missing out. There’s something about absolutely nailing a workout / run. You feel ready to take on the world! If you do look after yourself, keep it up. You only have one body! Feel great, look the your BEST!


Goal: I plan to save nothing this year. If I happen to save something then brilliant (!!) but if not I’m not worrying about it – I want to just enjoy what I earn and live my life within my means. Whether I have thousands or just dollars in the bank I still do what I want and always find a way. This year, money is on the back-burner.

Probable Reality: Might regret having ‘no savings’ at some points but I’m sure everything will work out just fine!.

YOU: If you’ve got long term goals, saving is of course the right thing to do. Or is 2017 your year to say ‘Stuff it! I’m going to enjoy what I have!’ like I am?


Goal: My main life goal was to get sponsored. I used to say ‘get sponsored, get a boyfriend, get a puppy’. Turns out I’m more than alright just having ticked the first one off that list! Life feels complete right now, so with that in mind my main goal is to DO GOOD THINGS.

I want to write more. I say this all the time; yet I get caught up in the hurricane of my life and don’t write nearly as much as I want to / ought to. So yep; actually write more.

I also want to make people around me happy. I want to go out of my way for others and make people have a better time when they’re in my path.

Probable reality: If I can stick to my writing plans and post every Sunday without fail (and other random pieces in the week) I’ll be proud that I kept to my word. At the end of last year I went off the radar and didn’t write. I wasn’t in the right headspace but now everything is fabulous and my mind is back!

If I can help to make people around me feel happier, laugh more and have a better day then I’ll know I’m on the right track.

YOU: We all have different things that make us tick – is there something you think about alot but never do? Or something you wish you could master? There’s no time like the present to put your thoughts into action.

I hope you have started your 2017 campaign with positive feels and goals that you know you’ve got a good chance of smashing!

If you can learn anything from my latest upturn of events it’s; truly never give up on what you want. It might take a load of bumps in the road but you will get there eventually. And when you finally secure what you really wished for it’s worth every bit of strife.

A bit of underlying self-belief goes a long way!

Thanks for reading, roll on 2017!


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