Celebrating 3 years on the road – January 2017

*Written in January 2017, Sydney

3 years ago today I left London alone on a mission to travel SE Asia with my life stuffed into my trusty 9kg backpack. I swiftly ended up on BBCThree’s “Bangkok Airport” after my first night in Bangkok … interviews, buckets + missed flights all caught on camera really was the start of something beautiful 😂 …

4 unreal months in Asia turned into so much more; 2 epic months in Melbourne, bonkers Brazil for the 2014 World Cup, 1 year juggling work vs parties in Queenstown New Zealand & Koh Phi Phi Thailand, Indonesia, getting friendly with Kuala Lumpa & Singapore airports, being the shittest (but also best) farmer in Bundaberg, the original Big Brother Casa Del Bondi houses, finding my current dream home in Bondi and a job I love in the City … the list goes on, on, on and on!

I say this a lot (I mean it and want people to know how important they are) but everywhere I’ve gone I’ve met some amazing characters who would have never crossed my path at home – thank you for flying into my life and staying there. I’m surrounded by the BEST!! You know who you are ☺️

I’ve only seen my family twice in 3 years and hate that fact but it’s something to have to live with. Every day I look forward to the next reunion – always look on the bright side or you’re on a slippery slope!

Thanks to my family and friends back home for keeping in touch all this time. It’s not easy, I do miss you! 💕

THANK YOU everyone that’s been a part of these 3 years (the good, the bad, the crazy, it’s all happened!)

Hopefully next year I’ll still be where I’m meant to be; Bondi 🇦🇺💙 #3yearsgone #wowowowowowow



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