Beca and I want to write a book | November 2016


*Written in November 2016, Sydney. We didn’t get much further with writing said book!

Last week I mentioned my wish to write a book and my plans for making more time to work towards actually making it happen.

This week I went to the book launch of Life’s A Road Trip (my housemate co-wrote this journal) it was fab to support her and see her work in real life!

I went to the launch with Beca and we both felt like it was something we would really love to do for ourselves one day, dreams-can-come-true style! … We chatted ideas and the possibility of working on something as a pair.

Then all of a sudden Beca had a moment of clarity and suggested an angle for a range of books that just sounded right.

Ideas come and go and when you strike on something that makes sense you need to run with it – strike while that iron is HOT! … This week we started working on the first one.

We have already mapped out the entire book, in just a few hours, we nailed it. Next we’ll be spending our time finishing the content then working on designing the layout and cover etc.

It’s almost writing itself and that’s the sign of it being worth doing – it’s happening naturally.

We’ve found a way to pretty much cover everything we want to. I often hold back a lot of content on my blog because I don’t want to come across as unprofessional, one step too mental or negative in any way whatsoever – our style of writing allows us to include IT ALL.

Looking forward to sharing more info with you when the time is right.

In other news this week has been pretty great, too much fun as always. According to the tracker on Beca’s phone we danced 15 KM yesterday! 1 5  K M! So today has been a physical struggle, and I feel about 167 years old, but no complaints .. Life continues to be the best I ever had!

Have a great week!




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