80 rules to live by … (relationships, inspiration, relatable)

Here’s 80 life lessons, rules, thoughts, ideas that I live by. Some come naturally, some have been instilled in me by my Mum from Day 1, some I have to work at … All are worth trying to abide by ūü§ó
1. Be genuinely interested in what others have to say
2. Ask questions
3. Be a good listener
4. Put others first
5. Be positive

6. Set out to make every day a GOOD day

7. Put your all into every job you do
8. Never lose sight of your career goals

9. Make the most of what you’re best at (work won’t feel like work if you’re doing something you’re good at, something you enjoy)¬†

10. Say thank you (and mean it)
11. Be the one to say sorry first (and mean it)

12. Open up to those you trust

13. Hold the door open
14. Offer to make the next cuppa

15. Don’t be a minger (look after your body, your face and your home!)

 16. Make the call
17. Send the text

18. Write that letter

19. Tell those you love you love them
20. Be honest

21. Don’t hold your feelings back (if you don’t let¬†people know how you feel they might never realise … don’t waste your heart)

¬†23. Don’t take life too seriously
24. Ride out the bad days (“this too shall pass”)

25. Don’t apologise for stupid things (they are more than likely funny and not half as bad as you think – you didn’t kill anyone … just laugh it off)

26. If in doubt watch Friends, Peaky Blinders, Game Of Thrones, Absolutely Fabulous, Sex And The City. 

27. Don’t compare yourself to others (you’ll never be the youngest, richest, best looking person in the world, soz)
28. Be the best version of you
29. Be happy in your own skin (if you’re not truly happy work on yourself until you are)
30. Embrace your face. Be pleased by what you see in the mirror (a little selfie never hurt nobody) 

31. Be proud of what you achieve

32. Miracles do happen. Open your eyes to them.

33. Keep in touch with people that matter to you. One day it will be your last day together Р make your time together count
34. Be the person that others can rely on

35. Be the person that others know they can call any time of day or night if they need cheering up

36. Learn something new every day
37. Read
38. Write
39. Read some more

40. Never ever use the words “I’m bored” (I HATE the word “bored” – as my mum has always said; “you can never be bored if you use your imagination”)

41. Take the photos
42. Record the videos
43. Make the memories

44. Leave no turn unstoned

45. Sometimes music really is the answer
46. The old classics are the best

47. Take That and Oasis will always be the best bands in the world

48. Don’t be jealous (if you feel it try and simmer down and keep it hidden, it’s a wasted feeling – it gets you nowhere!)

49. Tell people they’re awesome, pretty, good looking, funny (make people who deserve it feel special)

50. Find the exercise you LOVE and do it as often as you can

51. Love animals

 52. Embrace your mental. No one forgets the crazy one
53. For every person that lets you down there will be 10 who will never put a foot out of line
54. Your ex(es) will probably come back to haunt you one day. That’s life
55. If you’re healthy you are very lucky, appreciate that fact
56. For every text that doesn’t get returned you will have 20 more people who wish they had your number

57. Know that the people that didn’t like you in school were jealous, they were then and they always will be. It takes becoming an adult to look back and realise why people weren’t kind to you

58. Dance with your eyes
59. Have fire in your belly
60. Cry if you need to Рsometimes you have to let it all out
61. Be loyal
62. Never be ashamed of having a good time!
63. Party like theres no tomorrow

64. Have a duvet day every now and again

65. Travel if you want to travel
66. Make a bucket list and get that shit ticked off
67. Spend your money
68. Save your money

69. Be generous

70. Spend as much time with your family as possible (If you can’t be with them physcially always make sure they know how much you love and miss them)

71. Attend as many birthdays, weddings, christenings etc as possible – these are some times that matter the very most

72. Watch David Attenborough documentaries
73. Keep your heart open to new people, you never know who you might pick out of a crowd
74. Be a rascal. Yes you will get older but you can be childish forever
75. Do favours because you want to, not because you think you should
76. Make your life one worth looking back on, it’s a pretty epic world we live in – take risks
77. Do what you WANT
78. Be the person your brothers and sisters look up to

79. Instill confidence in others with the power of your kindness

80. Make an effort to be happy all the time. The happier you are the happier you will become

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