Appreciating a time when life was really good | October 2016


*Written in October 2016, Sydney

The last week has been all kinds of hectic and can only be described as life changing! Here’s the 3 big things that have made the difference …

Back to the Vortex

Last Sunday I was busy having too much fun in glorious Queenstown to write …

In a nutshell, it was one of the funniest breaks I’ve had! I surprised one of my best friends, she had absolutely no idea I was coming to see her and from that moment (in arrivals) forward everything went into overdrive.

Queenstown is full of brilliant personalties; me and the girls were part of a great group of likeminded friends; all day, every day! We didn’t sleep much, we laughed and laughed. We got up to all sorts and generally reminded each other how lucky we were to share this special part of life together. There’s nothing better than friends on your wavelength!

I left Queenstown 6 months earlier than originally planned in Sept ’15 thinking my days away from the UK were over. I was a bit of a muddle when I said goodbye to life in a postcard.

Going back I wasn’t sure how I would handle it but I had absolutely nothing to worry about … you spend so much time away from somewhere and realise how much you have changed since you left. It’s crazy how much of an all-round happier self you can become over just one year.

Of all the places I have been in the world Queenstown in the most beautiful. Bondi is, of course, my fave place on the planet (!) but nothing compares to Queenstown in natural beauty. If you haven’t been you must, must, must (110%) add it your bucket list! I can’t wait back again in the new year.

Nearly 3 years later, she’s finally here! 

One of my best friends from home in Wales, Beca, arrived from the UK late on Wednesday night. We actually left home together in Jan ’14 and spent 2 weeks scouting Thailand before she left me (to return back to London to continue with her career) while I kept going on my travels solo.

I have been away for 3 years this Jan, we have talked about her joining me ever since we split in Koh Phangan! It was so good to meet her from the airport! FINALLY! Beca won’t be here forever but while she is I want to make sure she sees every side of Sydney, and makes the most of every day … It’s going to be a F U N Spring/ Summer!

Work, work, work, work, work

I am over the moon to report I have secured a new job! I haven’t been working full time for the last 8 weeks and (as you can imagine!) my funds have been running pretty low! But it’s never all about money for me – I was determined to make sure that I went for the right opportunity and feel sure I have found it.

I wanted a job I would feel passionate about and one that I could look forward to a future with. I am over moving around, taking contracts and country hopping. Sydney is where I will build my life and hopefully my new role will be the start of something really special.

I don’t want to share too much about it right now as I want to start and hopefully make a really good impression before I get too ahead of myself.

But my position is a ‘Group Digital Marketing Executive’, I will be working across 4 of Sydney’s best-loved boutique retail centres. Fashion baby! Back to my roots from my LOOK magazine days in London.

My new office reminds me of Selfridges in London too, familiar feels of my life pre-travel; exciting!

I’ll be going in with my best foot forward and hope to carve my career with the team. So happy that the wait and worry was worth it in the end!

I said before I went to Queenstown that I would secure a job the week I got back and luck shined on me once again as those words came to life …

Note to self; if you believe in yourself you will get where you want to be in the end. It doesn’t always happen immediately (and you will smack a load of bumps in the road head on on route!) but once you achieve what you wished for it’s a great feeling! Don’t give up on what you want. Ever. Not for anyone. It’s your life and you know what you’re doing with it. No one has ever walked a day in your shoes, keep your inner confidence and keep moving forward until things begin to click.

I am extremely grateful and couldn’t ask for more right now.

Here’s to the next chapter of this amazing life, I . AM . READY . 




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