Be your brightest self | September 2016


*Written in September 2016, Sydney

I’ve been saying this a lot recently but I feel I have some kind of super-positive feeling around me at all times. It’s as though I’m living life under a happy halo, cocooned in a cloak of positivity, floating through my days on a smile.

I don’t know exactly what is going on but I just feel really light on my feet, charged with energy, nothing phases me. I just can’t get enough of this life!

Compared to how I felt a few months ago, when my head was muddled with homesickness and my thoughts were racked with guilt about being away from my family and friends for so long, I feel like a completely different person.

The only thing to really ”change” has been my mind.

I have written about my highs and lows before but I wanted to discuss it again now as I feel acutely in-tune with my life right now. I hope that sharing my feelings will give you some positivity in your life too.

As you know, I left my (new) job recently. It could have turned life sour for me but I looked at it as a chance to rebuild my future – another go to make things right.

When I resigned on August 29th there was an advertising campaign running across Sydney that said ”Make your next step the right step” – I must have seen this 3 times a day after I quit my job. Bit weird! Every time I stepped out the house it felt like I saw that ad – I took this as little signs to remind me of what I was doing.

I kept reminding myself that although I didn’t have a new role to go to and I was essentially starting ”again, again” which was by no means ideal; I was doing the best thing for me. It’s with that mindset that I moved forward; I refused to let anything become a problem.

On the job front I’m now working with Paul Strange Events on a number of Sydney’s exciting night and day-time parties across the Spring/Summer calendar. We held our season launch party last Saturday – it was one of the best nights I’ve had in Sydney so far. Life. Is. Good!.

I’m still looking for a role that can offer me sponsorship to secure my future in Sydney but for now I am happy (and extremely grateful) that Paul has given me a brilliant job, working on things I love, to keep me ticking over.

I have many friends dotted around the world, many of who I still do my best to speak to most days. Two of my dearest friends are going through very difficult times in their lives right now. Family, finances and love troubles are hitting them sideways on what feels like a daily basis. Every time we catch up something new appears to have become a major stumbling block.

I am amazed at how strong they are being whenever I speak to them. I know, even though they are struggling and sometimes find it hard to open up about how they really feel, they are battling on and ”doing their best”. They are warriors in the face of things that would completely break other people.

I feel like I push positive vibes across the globe from Sydney whenever I think of them and sometimes when we get off the phone I actually imagine myself sending goodness their way. I always feel like it is in the form of yellow lights streaking across the globe. I picture Sydney on the map and the UK, where they are, and imagine the whole route of my feelings travelling from me to them.

Again, I’m sounding weird here but I feel like if I feel this positive, I can do my best to pass it on. To send waves across the world to wherever they are needed. To wish for others to come good in whatever they are struggling with.

Since I came out of my slump a few months back I have never felt better, sometimes you really do have to experience your own turmoil. You get through it and you come back 10 x the person you were before you hit that rough patch. Your problems won’t be mine, mine won’t be yours. But life is life and we all go through dark times at some point, it’s natural. If life was perfect all the time the good times wouldn’t be quite so good …

One of my main wishes in life is to be happy every day and I try wholeheartedly to make it so. I look for the jokes in everything and turn myself into a childish act whenever I can.  Laugh-crying is one of my favourite feelings and when it does happen I’m like ”Damn! That was a good feeling!”. Growing older doesn’t have to mean growing up!

I am big on helping people and am a firm believer in things happening for a reason, in fate looking after you some of the way and in good things happening to good people. I met a girl through a friend recently. She had just moved to Sydney and had her heart set on a job working with animals, that was her dream.

I kept telling her she would get something and that ”everything comes together in Sydney, believe me – you’ll get what you want”. We had a great chat over lunch but I think my positive thoughts were perhaps a little overbearing at the time. Here I was sitting having just lost the job I thought was to be the making of me yet I had no doubts whatsoever that things were going to pan out for her? Ok then … Take me with a pinch of salt perhaps but I knew full well what I was talking about. I could feel it.

Yesterday she messaged me absolutely over the moon because she had just landed a job with animals that was beyond her wildest dreams. I knew she would be fine. 100% knew when I met her. I was so happy to hear from her, she couldn’t believe it had ”all happened so quick”.

Sometimes life throws you things that are so good you can’t believe they happen to you – why you? Why are you so lucky? Maybe it’s because you will appreciate what you have been given more than the next person – because it meant just that little bit more to you.

So when the going gets tough keep going until it passes (it will, it will, it will!). When things come back round your way again and you feel like you’re living at the end of the rainbow be grateful and enjoy every moment.

I want to be happy, happier, the happiest and for people around me to feel the same. I laugh every day, confident in knowing that I am making the most of life. Down times come as a lesson to be learnt from (and eventually left behind). Cut out the negative thoughts as best you can. Make an effort to be your brightest self.

Once you find the key to the magic in your life you will be unstoppable!




  1. Michelle Whittaker
    September 15, 2016 / 8:50 am

    Hi Lara, I just want to say how refreshing your outtake on life is! You really are grabbing life by the horns and taking it for your own. Since my partner and I returned from New Zealand its felt like life has become so much less but really your posts gives me the positivity I lack at times and make me want to also go out and grab life, even if I don’t know what that looks like yet! Michelle x

    • September 16, 2016 / 3:50 am

      Hi Michelle,
      I have only just seen your kind comment, thank you so much for reading my blog and taking time out to leave a note for me – brilliant to hear you feel more positive! Hope you have a great week ahead and keep looking onwards at all that is good in your life 😉 You’ll find what you need to find when the time is right! Good luck, be happy 😉 X

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